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The holidays are challenging to endure for those who are in recovery from an eating disorder. Eating disorders manifest for many reasons, but their deeply complex bond between the mind and the body creates a lifelong recovery for overcoming troubling thoughts and compulsive behaviors. For a happy and healthy holiday celebration, follow these suggestions:

Understand that you may not know all of their triggers and neither do they: Your loved one will be working with their therapist and their support team to determine what triggers about the holiday stand out to them and how to handle them when they come up. However, in the process of the celebrations, new things may come to light for them that they didn’t prepare for. Always expect the unexpected and act accordingly with love and compassion.Participate in their plan for recovery as much as they need you to: Your loved one will also be working on a plan for their recovery in order to enjoy the holiday celebration in a safe and healthy way. Eating a full breakfast, getting in daily exercise, and self-care may be components. Ask what part your loved needs and wants you to play. Engage in the healthiest way possible without enabling or controlling.Provide them with food choices that work: A specific nutritional plan for someone in eating disorder recovery is not the same as a picky eater, or someone with a dedicated diet. Eating disorders can be fatal so a nutritional plan is a critical part of recovery. Encourage them to bring whatever foods help them fulfill their daily dietary requirements. Just ask them not to bring any sides of shame or guilt along with them.Have a talk about expectations- that there are none: One of the biggest set ups for a difficult holiday is thinking that the day has to be ‘perfect’. Perfectionism is a common issue for people who are struggling with eating disorders. Make realistic expectations and lower any high ones. Leave more room for surprises than disappointments.Make a self-care plan: Learning to participate in self-care alone is important for your loved one’s recovery. The truth is, everyone can use a little self-care before a holiday. Have a self-care day or night together. During the actual holiday celebration, make sure they know it is okay to excuse themselves when necessary. Include a “safety signal” that lets you know they are especially overwhelmed or having a difficult time. Briefly excuse yourselves from the table and take some deep breaths in another room.

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