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How Do Our Illnesses Affect Our Loved Ones?

Sometimes our greatest emotional challenges come from how worried and saddened we are that our addictions and mental health issues are negatively impacting our loved ones. We’re afraid that we’ve become a burden to them, in terms of their time, energy and finances. We’re concerned about the emotional toll our issues have taken on them. We hate the fact that we’ve caused our loved ones so much pain, and that they’ve had to watch us suffer and self-destruct, most of the time being unable to help. How do our illnesses affect our loved ones?

Logistical Challenges

When we’re still entrenched in our addictions, they can be consuming not only for us but for everyone involved in our lives. We can be unreliable, dishonest, manipulative and controlling. Our loved ones can be impacted by all of our behaviors and choices. They might shift things around in their lives in order to support us. They might miss out on opportunities, give up certain things, and neglect their own obligations. We might stand them up and keep them waiting on us, wasting significant amounts of their time. We might lie and tell them we’re in rehab when we’re not. We might steal from them, or otherwise, cause them hardship and inconvenience. Furthermore, when they take on the responsibility for caring for us, they often will prioritize us and our needs, causing them to sacrifice their own needs and best interests in the process.

Mental and Emotional Challenges

Mentally and emotionally our illnesses can impact the people around us because try as we might, we can’t avoid affecting them because we are energetically connected. We might be living together, or be in very close relationships. Even if we’re not in close physical proximity, our emotional closeness keeps us tied together. Our loved ones can often feel our pain. They not only feel compassion for us, but they also empathize with us and can feel our struggles alongside us. They can be affected by all of our mood swings. They can be saddened by all the times we’ve lashed out at them, all the times we’ve fought with them. We worry that our pain is bringing them down, and while we don’t want to blame ourselves, feel bad about ourselves or incur more feelings of shame, the truth is our illnesses can absolutely worsen our loved ones’ mental and emotional health. This is all the more reason why recovery is so crucial, not only for ourselves but also for the people we love.

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