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The phrase “progress, not perfection” does not mean that you should not strive to be your best. The point is that perfection is a goal that is too high. This is because the meaning varies based on the individual and is usually a set of unattainable standards. Remember, nobody is perfect, and identifying your character flaws is a much healthier approach to setting realistic goals that will serve your recovery and peace of mind. Further, focusing on being perfect undermines the progress you are making. Some traits exhibited and things overlooked when you are too focused on being perfect may include: 

  • Humans are fallible
  • Perfection put before progress
  • Setting high expectations
  • High expectations of others
  • Giving up because becoming perfect is too hard
  • All or nothing mindset for perfection

Missing Goals Is Necessary

When you enter recovery, you will face challenges that may cause you to miss meeting goals now and again. Challenges and missing goals are a part of life you cannot avoid. Even the most successful people in life needed to make mistakes and have setbacks to move forward. Setbacks, mistakes, and missed goals help you learn how to improve and move forward. Remember, perfection is another facet of fear, but true growth comes from challenges. Some benefits of missing a goal or making a mistake may include:

  • A boost of motivation
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Thinking about the journey, not the destination
  • Understanding what doesn’t work to understand what does work
  • Viewing each challenge of a test

Aiming for perfection will only leave you frustrated and disappointed. However, you have worked too hard in your recovery. When you focus on your progress, you may be able to lighten up on yourself and view any setback with logical and rational thoughts on moving forward. Further, curbing your expectations will reduce the pressure, stress, and potential burnout you might cause yourself. Remember to move at your pace – not somebody else’s. When you set your sights on making progress, you do not have to wait to enjoy what you have – you are not waiting for some perfect scenario to come. At Guest House, we aim to provide you with the tools you need to sustain long-term recovery by setting reasonable goals and moving at your pace. We are also here to help when the challenges of recovery become too difficult. To learn more, call us today at (855) 483-7800.