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Is Telling the Truth Important in Substance Addiction Treatment?

Telling the truth can be a difficult habit to form while recovering from substance abuse. While using substances, you may have gotten into the habit of telling lies to those around you to continue using. You should not feel guilty for your past behaviors, but it is critical to acknowledge that telling the truth is much more beneficial.

Why Is Telling the Truth Important?

Being honest with yourself and others is vital for your recovery and overall well-being. If you continue to lie to yourself, you will not get your true needs met and find inner peace. Lying to yourself means continuously struggling because you are actively denying your needs. It can even make your symptoms of depression and anxiety worse as a result.

When you lie to others in recovery, you inevitably end up making the recovery process more difficult. Those in your recovery circle are there to give you the tools you need to get better. Sometimes this can be difficult, but it will always be worth it. These tools can only work if you are completely honest because it helps others to understand you and your unique needs.

How Often Should I Tell the Truth?

Essentially, you should tell the truth all the time. There are certain situations in which it is vital to tell the truth. These can include the following scenarios:

  • When you experience cravings
  • When you relapse
  • When you experience triggers
  • When you struggle with powerful emotions such as anger or sadness
  • When you want to give up on recovery
  • When you feel meaningless

As mentioned above, telling the truth all the time is the goal. A good general rule of thumb is to tell the truth, especially during times when you do not want to. Telling the truth — even when you don’t want to — can ensure that you find inner peace in your recovery.

Telling the truth can be difficult while in recovery, but it is an essential part of taking care of yourself. By telling the truth, you can be honest with yourself and others so that you get your needs met and effective assistance from others. It is crucial to tell the truth all the time, but especially when you do not want to. We know how hard it can be to begin being more honest. That is why, at The Guest House, we have the tools to help you begin this process. Call us at (855) 483-7800.