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loved one using methThe use of methamphetamine can quickly escalate to an addiction. Methamphetamine addiction can be devastating to a person’s life, often coming with noticeable signs and symptoms. Watching a loved one journey down a dangerous path can be stressful and emotional, especially when they are using a drug as dangerous as methamphetamine. However, when we can notice signs and symptoms early, we can begin to help our loved ones through the process of rehab and recovery.

The following are four signs that your loved one may be using methamphetamine:

Changes in Appearance

Methamphetamine is known for causing some specific changes in appearance. You may notice dramatic weight loss, rotten teeth, inflamed gums, track marks, or burn marks. If you begin to notice these types of changes in appearance, you may want to start taking more notice of a person’s actions or behaviors to see if it could be due to methamphetamine use.

Drug Paraphernalia

You may find drug paraphernalia, often signaling that a person is using drugs. You may find glass pipes, needles, aluminum foil, spoons, or cans. However, it is important to remember that many people will try their absolute best to keep their addiction a secret; therefore, you may not see or notice these things.

Withdrawal From Family and Friends

Methamphetamine addiction can be life-consuming. A person suffering may become totally focused on obtaining and using the drug. Some may avoid events or situations where they will not be able to use drugs, while others will begin to avoid people to prevent anyone from finding out about their addiction. If you notice that a loved one is no longer engaging with others the way they used to, it may be time to look more closely at the reason behind this change.

Behavioral Changes

Those using methamphetamine often display some behavioral changes that are noticeable to others. You may see a rise in anxiety, paranoia, irritability, or outbursts. Those using methamphetamine also typically experience insomnia, which alone can significantly impact an individual’s mental health.

Witnessing drug use or addiction in a loved one can be stressful and scary. Watching for early warning signs can help to start the recovery process quicker. Methamphetamine is a dangerous and life-consuming drug. It can cause behavioral and physical changes within a person. Social withdrawal may also be a warning sign to notice. At The Guest House, we know how overwhelming addiction can be. We are here to help you or your loved one through the entire process. Call us today to learn more about our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.