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visitation during treatmentIt’s terrific if you have made the difficult decision to seek treatment. You may be a little nervous and unsure. That is entirely normal and natural. Most people experience some form of discomfort when they make important life choices. Feeling nervous means you are making a big decision. It is a decision that will affect the rest of your life in a wonderful and positive way.

One question that tends to circulate through people’s minds is visitation. Are visitors allowed? Can you have anyone come to visit you? What happens if you do not want a particular visitor? Do you have to let them see you? These are all great and typical questions to ask when starting treatment. Here is some information to help you feel more comfortable as you begin your journey towards recovery.

Work With Your Therapist

When you enter a treatment program, you will work closely with a mental health professional to create a treatment plan. The intake process is where you will talk about your struggles, addictions, and goals for recovery. Visitation will probably be brought up and discussed during this time. Work with your therapist to create the best treatment options for you. If your therapist feels that certain visitations may help you work through specific issues or struggles, take in that information and be open to the idea of seeing those people. Sometimes we need that interaction as we work through our struggles. On the other hand, your therapist may think some visitors could hinder or stop progress. Be open to that idea as well.

Be Open and Honest

Before you head to treatment, try being open and honest with those around you. Explain your goals and what you are trying to accomplish. They will want the absolute best for you. They will also understand if you may not want visitors. Simply be honest about your thoughts and feelings.

Visitation during treatment is a question that many people have. Working closely with your mental health professional is the key to making the best decision for you. Everyone has a unique situation, goals, and challenges to face while at treatment. For that reason, everyone may experience unique issues when it comes to visitation. Be open when considering who to let visit and who should maybe not come and visit. The professionals at The Guest House know how stressful decisions such as this can be. We know how scary it can be to start treatment, and we are here for you in every way. Call us today to learn more about our treatment facility and all of the options we have for you at (855) 483-7800.