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Meditation for Emotional Balance

Our addictions and mental health issues have a way of overpowering us and throwing us completely off balance. As a result, we don’t feel grounded, centered or aligned. We feel distant and removed from our inner selves. We feel disconnected from our purpose and our truth. One way we can restore our internal balance and connectedness is through meditation. Meditation teaches us to get quiet, to access the stillness and peace within us. We practice mindfully calming ourselves down and finding tranquility, restoring ourselves and our well-being in the process.

Our emotional imbalance can cause us to have very unhealthy reactions and responses. We can become overly sensitive, reactive and volatile. We can find our moods easily swayed and our temperaments easily knocked off center. We can struggle to feel close to the people around us, and we can feel detached and isolated as a result. We can find it hard to control our racing thoughts and our fluctuating emotions. Our imbalance affects not only our own internal well-being but also our relationships. We struggle to be patient and calm with loved ones. We don’t show them the understanding or compassion we would want them to show us.

We often are still reeling from the traumatic experiences and losses we’ve endured that shook us to our core and created this drastic imbalance. Over time we learned to choose unhealthy coping mechanisms to distract ourselves from our thoughts and feelings, to numb our pain, and to avoid thinking about the issues we know we must face in order to heal. We never learned how to manage the thoughts and emotions causing us pain. We never learned to confront our fears or face our woundedness head on. Meditation, however, teaches us to mindfully navigate our internal environment so that it no longer plagues us and drives our self-destructiveness.

Meditation naturally creates stillness and spaciousness, so that we can more easily access these things that are naturally occurring within us. When we practice finding them inside of us, we organically become calmer, more patient, and kinder with ourselves, and therefore better equipped for recovery. With more emotional balance, we feel more stable and secure in our daily lives, in our relationships, and in our relationships with ourselves. We’re able to deal with our challenging issues and circumstances with more grace and ease. We feel ourselves flowing through life rather than facing one block after another. We start to believe in ourselves more and have faith in ourselves and our recovery.

Meditation helps us find the emotional balance we’ve been seeking, that we sometimes used our addictions to try and replicate but which only undermined our efforts. The more we practice, the more naturally balanced and stable we become.

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