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significant otherRecovery includes every aspect of your life. This includes your personal and intimate relationship with your significant other. You found each other going to meetings and have managed to enlarge a beautiful relationship, with sobriety being the foundation of your recovery. On a routine basis, you are both thriving in your recovery and attending meetings regularly. As of late, however, your significant other has been dodging meetings and appearing to be restless, irritable, and discontented. Although you do not want to tell them what to do, you are nervous that they are close to relapse. You have become extremely concerned without knowing what you should do next. 


Work your program

Even though they may not be working their program, you should continue to work yours. The best defense against your partner’s detachment from the program is continuing to focus on yourself. Your sobriety can be an excellent example of what the program can offer your loved one, as well. Your focus should also include not trying to “sponsor” your significant other. This approach will only make you appear self-righteous. Pick up your recovery tools, including prayer, to stay on your side of the street. 


Set some boundaries

Setting boundaries is a normal part of a relationship. You are allowed to have your opinion and express it, but your delivery is everything. You should not demand that your significant other attend meetings or stay sober. You can, however, choose whether you will keep going in the relationship if they relapse. Since your recovery could be in jeopardy if they start using and drinking, setting boundaries that protect both of you will be in your best interest. 


Be open-minded 

Sometimes, people decide they can build their spirituality without needing to attend meetings or work the steps. Every person is different. If you are not seeing any red flags and they continue to remain sober, maybe that is all they require in their program. 


Open communication in your relationship is essential. When you feel like they are not listening to you, or they are not respecting you, take an honest look at the relationship and see what you are getting out of it. You deserve to be treated well and should not settle for less. 


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