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Prioritizing Inner Peace in Recovery

The work we do in recovery is as much about transforming our inner world as it is achieving sobriety. In fact, the health of our thoughts and emotions can ultimately determine how well we do in our recovery and how successfully we achieve sobriety. This means that if we are at odds with ourselves and feeling a great deal of inner turmoil and conflict within ourselves, we are creating an internal environment that is entirely detrimental to our sobriety. We’re making it harder for ourselves to stay strong and in alignment with our recovery goals. We’re sabotaging our efforts and impeding our progress. Inner peace might be the most important thing to strive for as we’re working to recover.

Energetic Misalignment with Wellness

When we aren’t at peace within ourselves, we’re often consumed with fear, guilt, shame, and self-hate. Our inner voice is critical and unkind. We have a hard time forgiving ourselves. We’re always questioning our worthiness, and we feel unlovable and inadequate. We feel envious and jealous of others. We’re filled with self-doubt and insecurity. When we’re in this place, we are energetically misaligned with health and well-being. We’re repelling sobriety rather than attracting it to us. We’re creating an inner world of self-sabotage and self-destructiveness. Our inner turmoil fuels our addictive patterns and mental health issues. We feel compelled to use our drugs of choice to calm ourselves down, to lessen our anxiety and to help us cope with stress. We become more and more depressed, anxious and panicked as a result of our internal conflict. To allow recovery to be a possibility for us, we have to learn to prioritize inner peace.

Our Peace is Necessary for Sobriety

We can make the conscious choice to place our mental health and emotional well-being first and foremost in our lives. We can choose to prioritize our inner peace over everything else, and ultimately we will have to if we truly want to heal, because, without it, nothing else will be possible for us. We won’t be able to find happiness without inner peace. We won’t be able to feel grounded and empowered to tackle life’s many challenges. We won’t be able to create a sense of calm and wellness for ourselves. We won’t be able to summon our inner strength, our willpower and our resilience to stay sober. Without inner peace, we’ll always be confronted with something we feel is so triggering, burdensome, stressful or anxiety-provoking for us that we can’t manage, and we’ll continue to turn to our drugs of choice as coping mechanisms.

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