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How Can Past Trauma Impact Our Current Lives?

Worsened Health Outcomes

When we aren’t aware of our trauma or how to heal from it, the energy of it tends to accumulate within us, causing us pain long after the initial source of trauma. That painful energy is stored not only in our subconscious minds but in our physical bodies and energy systems as well. We suffer from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and behaviors, neuroses, and other mental and emotional health issues. We struggle with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia that many believe to be trauma-induced. We might grapple with insomnia and other sleep disorders, and/or anorexia, bulimia, overeating and other eating disorders. We can experience acute breakdowns in our mental and emotional health, as well as our physical health and overall well-being, often needing to be hospitalized due to being suicidal.

Exacerbated Addictive Patterns

Even if we were genetically predisposed to addiction because it runs in our families, even if we have other emotional factors that might have contributed to our addictions such as mental illness, our trauma can be so destabilizing that it increases our chances of becoming addicts and exacerbates the addictive patterns we might have been able to overcome otherwise. This means that if we have a hereditary component to our addictions, or other contributing factor such as depression or other mental health issue, our trauma can be the force that tips the scales and causes us to develop addictions, even when other family members don’t. Where we might have been able to overcome our addictions and mental health issues with support and recovery work, our trauma can be so destabilizing that we aren’t yet able to. Until we unearth the different forms of trauma that are at play in our lives, we continue to run the risk of being susceptible to our addictive patterns.

Self-Rejection and Self-Hate

A major contributing factor in our addictions and mental health issues that can actually stem from our traumatic experiences is the internal self-rejection we feel. When we’ve been hurt in any way, many of us come to believe that we don’t deserve to be loved, cared for and protected moving forward. We become self-destructive by nature, being compulsive in the ways in which we harm ourselves or allow ourselves to be harmed by others. For many of us, our self-hatred comes from the shame we feel around our trauma. Even when we’ve done nothing to be ashamed of, our guilt, shame and self-rejection can be lingering, persistent forces of internal self-destruction and self-sabotage in our lives. Because we haven’t yet healed from our past trauma, many of us choose relationships and perpetuate recurring life patterns that reflect our self-hate, that cause us to believe we’re justified in hating ourselves, and that make us hate ourselves even more.

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