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Recent Study Highlights Character Strengths Derived From Spirituality in Recovery

Spirituality has long been a major discussion in the realm of addiction recovery. With self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), individuals are guided towards a path of recovery through building a connection with a Higher Power. For many, spirituality provides purpose and depth to an enriching life, which can aid in building a lifestyle conducive to recovery. Whether or not you consider yourself a spiritual person, it’s important to consider the effects that it has on those in recovery. Addiction is often considered a disease that robs people of finances, health, family, success, and overall well-being. Many people in addiction recovery credit spirituality for helping bring all of what was lost, back.

A 2015 study published in The Qualitative Report involved a systematic literature review on previous studies that have been done on addiction recovery and spirituality to identify character strengths that may arise in individuals from the combination of the two. Fifty-three articles were reviewed, and researchers found 24-character strengths total. Of those, 9 stood out in particular:

  • Wisdom – self-awareness and acceptance learned taught individuals wise perceptions
  • Integrity – authenticity and honesty were greatly tied to moral implications
  • Vitality – freedom from addiction and feelings of “wholeness” were found with spirituality
  • Humility – admitting to one’s own shortcomings and sense of powerlessness over their life
  • Forgiveness – forgiving self, forgiving others, and being forgiven by God
  • Kindness – highly prevalent, many people found the need to build community and help others
  • Love – the importance of bonding with others while enhancing growth and humanity
  • Hope – hope for the future and ongoing connection with self, others, and with God
  • Spirituality – the universal dimension of human experience, connecting with self, others, and God

Spirituality doesn’t have to be a principal component to your recovery, and it’s very possible that you could derive these same personal strengths through your own journey. However, this study highlights what other people have experienced in making spirituality a part of their recovery. Ultimately, it’s important that you take a path that makes sense to you. Something you truly connect with.

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