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Reducing Loneliness While in Treatment

We all want to feel connected on some level; however, each of us has experienced loneliness during our lives. Loneliness is on the rise in the United States because of the pandemic and the resulting lifestyle changes. People most vulnerable to loneliness are those uncomfortable with reaching out to others or those who don’t like talking about what is happening in their lives. When a person enters treatment for substance abuse, they frequently are apart from friends and family as they focus on healing. How can we reduce loneliness in treatment?

You’re Not Alone When You Feel Lonely

We thrive as a community, and when you enter treatment, you become part of a new community. During treatment, you can find fulfillment by incorporating healthy activities into your life and building new relationships with people who are also in treatment, all while embarking on a journey of improved health.

Sadly, many individuals may feel lonely in treatment because facing feelings and emotions that may have been numbed by drugs or alcohol is part of the recovery journey. Each situation in treatment is different from the next, and finding the right connections with others is not always easy. While you may be going through one type of pain, the person across the room may be experiencing it entirely differently. However, even though the source of your pain may be different, you are both experiencing pain; therefore, you’re not alone.

Addressing Loneliness During Treatment

Sometimes it is not easy to stay connected because we are surrounded by our own emotions, especially when facing the challenges of eliminating substance use. However, some tools can help you feel less lonely during treatment. There are many ways to distract yourself and find healthy alternatives to help you avoid feeling lonely.

One of the most significant ways to reduce and eliminate loneliness during treatment is finding those you can connect with who share your interests, whether you connect in therapy or other activities at the treatment center. Yes, every individual will be going through a different recovery journey, but you may also have a lot in common as you are all working to overcome substance abuse. You can be a tremendous source of support to each other, which will make you all feel less lonely.

Recovery is about achieving your health goals and bringing meaning to your life.  When you fill your time with healthy activities like volunteer work or mindfulness techniques, you may find that life is not so lonely. Enhance your day-to-day routines with exercise and nutritious food. When you bring healthy habits into your life, you are more prepared for your lifetime recovery journey, and you will find healthy ways to combat loneliness.

At The Guest House, we know that feelings of isolation can creep up on you, and we can offer you many healthy ways to avoid feeling isolated. It is essential to eliminate isolation and loneliness during treatment because doing so will better serve your recovery goals and lead you to recovery success. If you struggle with loneliness, we want to help you. Reach out to us at The Guest House to learn more about our treatment options at (855) 483-7800.