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Repairing My Finances in Recovery

Finances are a common conversation in addiction recovery. The discussion can range from the cost of treatment to the cost of catching up on missed payments that occurred while active addiction was present. Conversations can become quite lively when it comes to an individual’s finances and how they can improve through recovery.

Even though your financial situation may seem hopeless, it is always possible to repair. Worrying about your finances could lead to a relapse. Therefore, learning how to repair your finances is an essential part of recovery and one that you may not have considered.

Substance Abuse Is Not Cheap

Substance abuse does not come free; it is an expensive coping mechanism. When an individual develops a dependency, repeatedly paying for the substance often leads to financial problems. Those who seek treatment for substance abuse will not only repair their mind, body, and spirit but also work on repairing the seemingly never-ending financial damage caused by their addiction.

How to Start Your Financial Repair Journey

When you begin to discuss your financial issues in recovery, you must first acknowledge your concern and then find acceptance. Once you take those first two steps, you can begin work with someone to help repair your finances.

Take a Financial Inventory

You may choose to start by taking a financial inventory of your financial assets and liabilities. Some of the elements included in the financial inventory could be your obligations, the amount of your income and savings, and opportunities to increase your credit score and monthly income.

Set Goals

Once you have completed this financial inventory and know where you are, you can begin to set goals. Remember to set realistic goals. You need to take small, manageable steps to repair your finances.

Treatment Is the First Step

Being creative and keeping track of your activities and their costs can be beneficial. If you are in treatment, your first step is to eliminate substance abuse and develop a mindset of healthy recovery. Without a healthy mindset, the first steps toward financial recovery could seem overwhelming. Treatment is a fantastic time to think about your financial situation and begin planning repairs that can lead to your financial recovery.

Treatment can help you instill new habits and ideas that will be helpful in many areas of your life. While the goal of treatment is to overcome substance abuse and begin your sober lifestyle, you will also see an improvement in your finances. If you struggle with substance abuse and see a never-ending cycle of financial problems, repairing them by choosing a path of recovery is one of the best choices you can make. For more information on fixing your finances in recovery, reach out to The Guest House at (855) 483-7800.