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Self-Commitment in a 90 Day Recovery Program

Entering into a 90-day recovery program can be an intimidating thought. It is a big commitment that will take hard work to complete. Remember, nothing in life worth doing is easy. With some planning, motivation, and self-commitment, you can develop the accountability to complete a 90-day recovery program.

What Are the Benefits of a 90-Day Program?

Setting a timeframe for your recovery allows you to make goals with lots of help to succeed. 90 days allows your mind and body to begin the healing process. It even helps your brain recover from years of substance use.

90 days is also the time it takes to develop new skills and habits. You will also be in a safe environment that will help keep you focused. Additional benefits of a 90-day program include:

  • Appropriate resources to help the healing process
  • Developing skills needed to succeed in recovery
  • Educating yourself about mental health and substance use disorders
  • Building a healthy relationship with therapists and peers
  • Set you up for a long-term commitment toward recovery

Ultimately, 90 days affords you new ways to manage stress and develop resilience and self-esteem.

What Happens in 90 days?

Knowing the benefits can help bring comfort and excitement about 90-day treatment, but what actually happens during the 90-days?

  • You learn how to let go of the ideas that motivate you to seek substances
  • Your body will begin to recover from years of substance use
  • You will gain new perspectives about your SUD from peer-supported groups
  • You will participate in activities that will help you fill the hole left behind by substance use
  • You will learn how to manage stress using mindfulness techniques
  • You will face real-life challenges to help you manage triggers and improve your decision-making skills


You cannot reap the benefits of 90-day treatment unless you commit to it. Therefore, self-commitment begins the day you enter treatment. Over the course of 90 days, you will better understand who you are without substances and what motivates you.

From there you will be able to create goals to pursue following treatment. You will now have the resources necessary to help hold you accountable for the things you are committing to. Some goals you might set include:

  • Restoring relationships
  • Going back to school
  • Taking up playing music
  • Getting through each day sober

Turn 90 Days Into a Life Long Journey

Recovery from substance abuse is a life-long journey; relapse happens, and giving yourself the gift of 90 days, in the beginning, gives you a solid foundation to be successful in your journey. There is no time limit in therapy or recovery; the more commitment and time you invest, the stronger you will become.

Substance use disorder can steal your true identity. The Guest House knows that who you truly are is who you are when you are sober and a 90-day recovery program might hold the key to returning you to your true self. While the first 90 days of treatment are challenging, they might become the most important 90 days of your life. They will help you learn about your mental health and substance use disorders and accountability. If you or a loved one is considering a 90-day recovery program, reach out and call (855) 483-7800.