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Self-Inquiry for Healing

Self-Abandonment and Disconnection

So much of our recovery work is learning to connect with ourselves and go deeper within ourselves to find out more about who we are. Our experiences with addiction and mental health issues are linked to this disconnection from the inner self that so many of us suffer from. We don’t know ourselves. We don’t even want to get to know ourselves. Sometimes we feel that connecting with ourselves is unnecessary. Sometimes it simply feels too scary and overwhelming. We feel self-hating and insecure. We don’t love and accept ourselves for who we are. In a sense, we turn our backs on ourselves and refuse to get to know who we are and what our real truths are. Many of us have been conditioned not to care for ourselves or to want to connect with our inner selves. We’re taught that self-care is selfish, that we should prioritize other people’s needs over our own, that our well-being isn’t important. We’re taught to suppress our thoughts and feelings. We become self-abandoning because we never learned to nurture ourselves. Once we realize that we’re living out specific patterns of subconscious self-destructiveness, the patterns that are fueling our addictions and mental health issues, one thing we can do to help ourselves heal is to start the process of self-inquiry.

Connecting with Self

Who am I beyond my addictions and mental illnesses? Who have I been conditioned to be, and who is the real me? What are the other elements of my identity aside from a recovering addict? What gifts and talents do I possess? What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What do I have to offer? What can I share with the world? What is my purpose in life? What is my unique voice? How do I perceive myself? What kinds of thoughts and feelings do I have, about myself, about life, about the world? What are my behaviors, habits, and routines? What kinds of choices do I make? What kinds of relationships do I have? Which of these thought patterns, emotional patterns, behaviors, choices, and relationships are harmful to my recovery, and which are supportive? How can I connect with myself more? How can I connect with my inner world on a deeper level? What can I do for self-care and self-nurturing? What do I need in order to heal? What painful issues are still unresolved within me? What things do I still need to address? What inner healing work do I still need to do? What does my wounded inner child need from me?

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