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Many treatment programs have rules or policies against making significant physical alterations during the course of treatment. Things like getting piercings, tattoos, and hair dying might be temporarily banned during certain stages of treatment. Some treatment centers might even have a strict dress code and ban certain kinds of makeup in order to inhibit too much transformation. In popular movies and TV shows, mainstream media has perpetuated the trope of “the makeover” for decades. Nothing is more timely and empowering, these narratives emphasize, then a makeover: a total transformation of physical appearance. Starting fresh, new hair, new make up, new piercing, new tattoo, is a new you.

Certainly in some cases, starting over physically can encourage positive redevelopment mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. For others, too much physical change can be uprooting, uncomfortable, and disruptive. Forms of “self-mutilation” like tattoos and piercings can provide a sense of euphoria or stimulation, a release of energy or frustrated emotion. People who are in treatment for traumas, addictions, and related mental health issues are learning to handle their emotions in a healthy way. Though there is nothing especially unhealthy about hair dye, tattoos, or piercings, the motivation behind the rush of making a drastic change. Clients in treatment can seek to escape, numb out, feel euphoria, feel pain- either to feel or not feel. Treatment and recovery is about learning how to feel, manage feelings, and cope with feelings in a different way. Sudden changes can result in an overload of unexpected feelings or an escape from unwanted feelings. Both scenarios are problematic, which is why treatment programs suggest against major physical changes.

Will I Ever Be Able To Make A Major Physical Change?

What happens in one, two, or three months of recovery is remarkable. Changes which take place over the course of one year of recovery are equally if not more impressive. The changes necessary to living a safe, balanced, emotionally equipped life happen rapidly with the right treatment. Clients who successfully complete their treatment programs are able to move confidently through life. Able to make informed, well considered decisions, people in recovery can choose to do whatever they please with their body and their appearance.

Early recovery needs to be protected with a safe environment, a compassionate clinical team, and a custom treatment program. The Guest House Ocala offers concierge style care for men and women seeking healing from trauma, addiction, and mental health. For information on our private estate and luxury programs of treatment call: 1-855-483-7800