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spring cleaningNo matter where you live, you are probably ready to head into spring. Many people enjoy spring after a long winter because it represents a fresh start. The weather starts to change, the flowers begin to bloom, and everything reawakens from sleep. When you hear the phrase “spring cleaning,” you probably immediately think of opening your windows, cleaning, and organizing—a fresh start for your home. Spring cleaning can also apply to your mental health. Starting fresh with the season can be a great time to think about what is and what isn’t working for your well-being.

Here are a few simple ideas for spring cleaning your mental health.

Get Outside

Depending on where you live, the weather may turn to spring at different times. Once your weather begins to turn warm, think about going outside. Take a walk, go on a hike, or explore a new park. Being outdoors can be a fantastic way to give your mental health a boost. Being in nature can help you find your “center,” reflect on yourself, and think more clearly.


Take time to reflect on how you have been feeling lately. Have you been more stressed out? How has your motivation been? Have you faced any new challenges or struggles? Taking the time to reflect on how your mental health is doing is important. When you better understand the past and how you feel, it can be easier to plan the future. Maybe you realize you need more time to calm down before bed for a better night’s sleep or that your diet hasn’t been healthy and has affected your anxiety. Making changes can be difficult; however, the spring is a great time to make changes. Spring may even be the time you realize you need professional help for your challenges. When you can reflect on your challenges and struggles, you can better work to overcome them.

Spring cleaning can do wonders for your mental health. The spring can be a time of reflection and change. Get outside to see all of nature reawakening and returning from winter. This is a great time to make changes to how you treat your mental health and create the life you have always wanted. Here at The Guest House, we understand that sometimes it is hard to know where to start or make those changes. We are here to help you gain knowledge and the skills needed to improve your mental health. Call us today to learn more about all of our treatment options at (855) 483-7800.