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Audra spent the past 20 years in entertainment, where she notably worked as a television presenter for Larry King’s online network, Ora TV. She specializes in business relations, media consulting and film and television production, and is excited to merge her entertainment specialties into a human services field. The world of treatment and healthcare allows her to apply her skills in a fulfilling and rewarding way, with the knowledge that every new connection or outreach effort provides help for another person struggling with addiction, trauma or other mental health concerns.

At The Guest House Ocala, she has also taken her expertise in media relations, health and fitness, along with her experience working with high-net worth and celebrity clientele, to help facilitate a world-class wellness program. Among other developments, she has coordinated with Dr. Marc Boff, the Director of Sports Medicine of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” as our Health and Wellness Consultant.

Audra is passionate about bringing the world of wellness and treatment to individuals who demand privacy and anonymity. She believes you will love the beautiful estate of The Guest House Ocala as much as she does.