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Struggling With Compulsion

Compulsion can take hold of any of us and at any time. Compulsion is not unheard of or something out of the norm; however, when compulsion leads to a series of unhealthy behaviors, it can become a concern and lead to risky situations. If you struggle with compulsion and are looking to find a way to manage those desires, remember there is always a way out.

Understanding Compulsion

Compulsion is relatively normal for some individuals in society. For example, when you are in a store, there are items on the shelves as you check out. These are called impulsive buys. Most of the items in that area are for those who are compulsive and may purchase them on the way out. However, when individuals struggle with compulsion, they may choose to grab all of the items regardless of whether they need or even want them.

Individuals struggling with substance abuse often may act compulsively, irrespective of the product, objects, or substances. Those who find themselves struggling with substance abuse can often feel bored or unfulfilled. This is why many individuals struggle with compulsion and substance abuse simultaneously.

Connection Between Compulsion, Substance Abuse, and Recovery

When substances enter the brain, they release feel-good chemicals. Because illicit drugs and alcohol make us feel good, substance use can lead to compulsive behavior.

However, not everyone who is compulsive will struggle with substance abuse, but compulsive behavior is often addressed in addiction treatment. During treatment, compulsion is a topic to help those who struggle with substance abuse. Part of treatment and recovery from substance abuse is about creating a balanced life and making healthier choices.

Those who want to seek treatment are often encouraged to identify compulsive behaviors and find coping mechanisms to prevent them from occurring. Part of the goal of treatment is to help individuals find balance and happiness in their lives. If an individual is unable to avoid compulsive behavior, the journey to recovery may be more challenging. Fortunately, there’s help.

Not everyone in addiction recovery will struggle with compulsion or exhibit compulsive behavior. However, there are methods to help those who struggle with compulsive behavior. If you feel you struggle with substance abuse or struggle with compulsion, then getting the best support available can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. The Guest House is here to bring awareness and help you on your recovery path. We treat the whole person, both body and spirit, rather than just focusing on the addiction. Call us at (855) 483-7800 for more information about our treatment options.