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Don’t Let Anxiety Take Over Your LifeWhen many people look at anxiety, they don’t realize how debilitating it can be for one’s life. If you are struggling with anxiety, it’s imperative in your aftercare plan to recognize the triggers and signs of anxious thoughts to help you maintain sobriety outside of treatment. You don’t need to let anxiety take over your life, and you can find ways of healing so your journey of happiness and health can begin to unfold.

Heightened Anxiety and Anxiety Responses

Many individuals all across America face anxiety on a day-to-day basis. If you are struggling with anxiety, you are not alone. Sometimes people get anxious just reading a simple sentence or may get worried waiting for a result from a medical test to come in. Regardless of why an individual has anxiety, the body shows signs of a threat around the situation, promoting heightened concern and anxiety responses.

It’s natural to feel some bouts of anxiety. However, when you struggle with anxiety at heightened levels, you may have an anxiety disorder. If you have an anxiety disorder, you may need help diagnosing and addressing it. In addition, with the levels of heightened responses to anxiety you may experience, you’re putting yourself at risk for a decline in your mental health that may put your sobriety at risk.

Having heightened anxiety levels is a chronic condition that impacts your mental and physical health. Debilitating anxiety is often frightening and very real to those who experience it. Those who have debilitating anxiety may start to withdraw from their life because of how often they experience anxiety.

How to Not Let Anxiety Take Over Your Life

For those who struggle with anxiety, frequent panic or anxiety attacks can lead to fluctuations in natural day-to-day activities. How can you not let anxiety take over your life? If you feel nervous, irritable, fatigued, or constantly feel like you have a rapid heartbeat, the disorder’s impact may be damaging your wellness and quality of life.

This is important to recognize because when you start having anxiety attacks and don’t have a way to relinquish them, it generates more stress on your body and can lead you to unhealthy responses, such as using drugs and alcohol again. Therefore, it is vital to find coping methods that help you deal with anxiety symptoms, so they do not take over your life.


Aromatherapy is a great way and is a natural way to help with relaxation and can help your immune system become stronger. Aromatherapy has been a part of our cultural existence for thousands of years, and just a few drops in your shower or on your pillow can make all the difference in your world and your anxiety.


Another example is to get off the chair or the couch and put some pep in your step through exercise. Exercise does wonders by removing anxious symptoms and builds your body’s reaction to create healthy endorphins to stimulate happiness and health. This all helps with relieving anxiety.

Other Ways to Relieve Anxiety

Other natural ways to not let anxiety take over your life include your diet, breathing techniques, and environment. Each element in your life can trigger your anxious thoughts, reactions, and behaviors. Therefore, if you put yourself in an environment or surround yourself with those who understand how anxiety can overwhelm you, you will feel more comfortable and identify the warning signs before anxiety starts impacting your day-to-day lifestyle.

Anxiety Can Be Debilitating

Unfortunately, anxiety can have a wide range of effects on your life. It can begin with a mild anxious thought or lead to severe debilitating reactions. Those who struggle with anxiety may find that their anxiety is persistent and difficult to manage. However, recognizing this fact is the first step in realizing you may need additional tools and resources to help you progress in your life and recovery.

Overcoming Anxiety When You Are Recovering From Addiction

If you have recently been through treatment and still struggle with anxiety, addressing it can help prevent returning to drug and alcohol use. If you feel that your anxiety is impeding your day-to-day function or if you haven’t been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, reaching out to a professional who understands anxiety can help you continue in both your treatment and recovery journey.

Many individuals often choose to add in therapy and alternative approaches like art to help them in their aftercare plan of treating their anxiety. In addition, many individuals choose to get psychological support regularly to help them maintain their long-term commitment to healing.

If you feel that you struggle with anxiety or have anxious thoughts, you’re irritable, you’re dealing with pain, or you’re anxious about even doing the dishes, you may have some serious mental health concerns. If you feel that anxiety is starting to take over your life, or if you have thoughts of self-harm or suicide, talking to a professional who understands you and your situation can make all the difference. At The Guest House, we know how anxiety can inhibit your duties and responsibilities and cause concerns that affect your happiness and lifestyle. We are here to help you overcome any trauma or anxiety, and if you find yourself in a situation leading to a potential relapse, we want to help. Don’t let anxiety take over your life; reach out to The Guest House and approach health and recovery in the meaningful way that you deserve. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 for support in your recovery journey.