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Supporting a Loved One as They Enter Rehab

Seeing your loved ones struggle with addiction or mental health can be painful and heartbreaking. When they are ready to accept help, it can be a beacon of light after a long, dark path.

As they are preparing to enter a rehabilitation center they will need support more than ever. It can be intimidating to go to a facility for assistance, especially if they don’t know what to expect.

Whether they are your family member, significant other, or friend, your support can be the most helpful in encouraging them to stay positive and hopeful. Regardless of their struggles or addictions, rehab is an opportunity to recover and find a new way of life.

It is a chance for your loved one to get better and overcome their issues in a healthy way. Standing with them in this time might be scary or difficult, but there are things you can do to give them the best support. 


Remind Them That You Love Them

When your loved one enters rehab, they may be at their lowest point. Feelings of hopelessness, fear, and shame might be overwhelming.

A negative mindset is more typical than viewing this step as a chance to get better. As their supporter, remind them that you love them. Express to them how proud you are.

Give them some empathy. It may be difficult if you haven’t experienced issues with mental health or addiction yourself, but do your best to understand what they are going through.

Tell them that you understand their fears and that this is a very brave step. Encouragement can come from positive words and compassion, or simply just being present with them.

Let them know how much you admire their courage and tell them that recovery is possible. Your love and support might be the thing that keeps them strong and hopeful as they take the next steps. 


Keep in Touch with Positivity

If their rehab facility allows you to call or write to your loved one, make sure you have the telephone number or address. Send positive letters or cards, tokens of your support and love, or things to make them smile.

On the phone, remind them again how proud you are. Listen to them, and celebrate their achievements. Remind them that you will be there for them once they complete their program.

It is important that they have uplifting encouragement and support from the world outside their facility. Try to remember that this is an experience for them to heal and get well.

Sometimes a phone call or letter is something they look forward to as they work through their issues in a rehab center. They will miss you, and you will miss them, but giving them this time to recover and overcome their struggles can strengthen your relationship.

Continue to offer your support, love, and understanding. You are a huge part of their recovery, and showing your loved one that will make all the difference in their success. 


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