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The Importance of Self-Loving Language

Choosing Conscious Reprogramming

A major component of our recovery is shifting how we think and speak about ourselves. When we are self-hating, we’re much more likely to want to escape our emotions using addictive substances and behaviors. We turn to our drugs of choice for solace from all of our self-inflicted pain. We become dependent upon them in part because they provide us relief from the relentless attacks we launch on ourselves. Without even realizing it, our internal dialogue worsens every aspect of our life. Changing our relationship with ourselves means consciously choosing the language we use to talk to ourselves and describe ourselves. Self-hating language often becomes the default for addicted people. We’re acting on our subconscious programming that is full of limiting beliefs and insecurities. The goal of recovery is to transform that programming by becoming consciously more self-loving instead. 

Empowering Ourselves for Recovery

Adopting more self-loving language and implementing it into our daily lives allows us to reprogram our subconscious minds. Re-training our brains is difficult, but it’s the only way to shed our limiting, self-hating beliefs. Our subconscious minds store emotional information and govern the majority of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. If we are subconsciously self-hating, we will manifest self-destructiveness in our lives, including our struggles with addiction. Choosing self-loving language rather than self-deprecating language might sound silly, but it can make all the difference. It can make us strong and empowered as we work to heal from our addictions. When we love ourselves, we’re more likely to make healthy choices for ourselves. We can begin to prioritize our well-being and to do what’s best for ourselves in each moment. An empowered inner dialogue allows us to develop the resilience and willpower we need to resist our addictive compulsions and triggers. We’re more likely to be able to stay the course of our recovery when we believe in ourselves.

Embracing Ourselves with Unconditional Self-Acceptance

Becoming more self-loving in how we think and speak about ourselves is the key to addressing the factors supporting our self-hatred. We want to accept ourselves for the things which once left us feeling ashamed and isolated. We want to embrace the parts of ourselves we’ve grown accustomed to hating and rejecting. “I love myself unconditionally. I accept myself and all my parts, even the most difficult ones. I am learning, growing, and improving. I embrace all parts of myself. My mistakes add to my strength. My regrets are part of my evolution. My addiction is a part of who I am, and I love myself just as I am. I am destined for wonderful things. There is a beautiful plan for my life. I am living my purpose.”

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