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What Happens When We Ignore Our Intuition? 

Our intuition is our internal guidance system. It leads, guides, and protects us, but we often ignore the things it’s trying to communicate. We get distracted by everything else in our lives, and our addiction is the ultimate distraction. Our drug of choice consumes our waking hours to the point where nothing else even matters to us anymore. When we get high, we zone out, we’re not thinking clearly, and our judgment is impaired. We begin ignoring our true thoughts and feelings. Under the influence, we are no longer ourselves, and this can have some dire consequences. What happens when we ignore our intuition? 

Self-Protective Instincts

Our intuition is strongly linked to the subconscious mind, which governs most of our thoughts and emotions. One of the main functions of the subconscious mind is to keep us safe and protected. Our intuition will send us subconscious warning signals to avoid things that might endanger or present a threat to us. When we’re struggling with addiction, we often ignore these warning signs. When our instincts tell us that something might put us at risk, we drown it out by using our drug of choice. Being high and feeding our addictions means we’re often rejecting the powerful guidance of our intuition. We’ll try to escape the thoughts that keep us awake at night, that alert us to something troubling, that signal something is wrong. Our drug of choice distracts us from our intuition, and we’re not receiving the valuable insight and guidance of our inner voice.

Self-Destructive Tendencies

Much of what our intuition is trying to protect us from is our self-destructiveness. With our addictive patterns and other unhealthy behaviors, we’re engaging in severe self-destruction and self-neglect. Our intuition will send us warning signs via visions or dreams. When we’re paying attention, we might receive a message that feels synchronistic. We can see clear signs, or meet someone in what feels like divine intervention. It’s easy to write these things off when we’re not in tune with ourselves. When we ignore these signs, it is often because we are subconsciously sabotaging ourselves rather than acting in our best interests. We often find ourselves having to deal with worsening circumstances as a result. Sudden episodes of bad luck and poor decision making are clear consequences of this disconnection. Ignoring our intuition, particularly through substance use, can put us at increased risk of endangering ourselves and bringing more turmoil into our lives. Learning to listen to our inner selves, and to follow our intuition’s guidance, is an important part of our recovery.

Addiction separates us from the most important and impactful parts of our inner lives. Rediscover your intuition and escape self-destructive habits at The Guest House. Our program focuses on guiding you as you discover the underlying causes of your actions and behaviors. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce and reverse any harm that your self-defeating habits have caused. Call 855-483-7800 today for more information.