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We make a lot of metaphors about dark days full of dark clouds and storms. We use phrases which tell us that we can’t pay attention to the rain, instead we have to learn to dance in it. These phrases help us realize that even in the midst of darkness, there is still hope for a rainbow. One of the limitations of these inspirational metaphors is the assumption that the rain is all there is until the rain isn’t anymore. The ‘light’, so to speak, doesn’t come after the dark. The light is always happening. For example, there are many hours of the day when you can see both the sun and the moon. When there is a storm, the sky black as night with clouds thick as rain forests, above the storm the sun is still shining and the sky is crystal clear.

All you have to do is take off in a plane on a cloudy day to understand. On the ground, everything is gloomy and gray because you cannot see beyond the thick layer of clouds. As the plane ascends, climbing tens of thousands of feet, it slices through the thick cloud layers. Then, suddenly, a breakthrough. No longer is there a gloomy cloudy day, but a pristine sky layered with white clouds, illuminated by a bright shining sun. You might find yourself wondering, how could this be if everything on the ground looks so glum? The answer is is quite spiritual in nature.

Experiencing trauma in your lifetime radically changes the way you see yourself, the world around you, and your place in that world. When trauma is severe, it can cover your vision of the world in those dark, grey, gloomy clouds. Living with that kind of overcast perception of the world can take a toll after a while. Many people who live with trauma lose their ability to have hope, to believe in something greater, or have faith that the sun will shine again. All they can see, all they believe there is to see, is the storm- the chaos, the noise, the dark, the isolation. Yet right above the storm, just out of sight, is hope. It isn’t until they can believe in the sun again that the storm will lose its power. By regaining the power of hope, they regain the power of their lives.

The sun is still shining in your life, even if you cannot see it today. There is hope for recovery from trauma. At The Guest House Ocala, we are bringing hope to those who are struggling to cope with trauma, addictions, and related mental health issue with longterm residential treatment. Call us today for information on our private programs and customized care: 1-855-483-7800