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The Trauma Of Hate

Hate is a powerful word. Hate is a word we are taught from a young age with a negative context. When we learn the word hate, we use it loosely as children. I hate broccoli. I hate Suzie, she took my crayons. Our parents, teachers, and other caretakers quickly interrupt and reprogram our thought process. We are taught that we don’t really hate broccoli but really dislike it. We don’t really hate Suzie, but we are angry and upset that Suzie took our crayons. Emphatically, grown ups urge us to understand that hate is a powerful word. Hate is dangerous. Hate leads to irreparable actions which cause ourselves and others harm. Struggling to get a grasp on what it is we are feeling, we take that lesson to heart. What we feel is awful, but, we learn, it can’t be as bad as hate because hate is really, really bad.

Yet, the experience of that kind of anger, distaste, and ultimately fear induced by another person sticks with us. Something, or someone, on the outside of us has made us feel something inside of us which we don’t like. In fact, we have been made to feel as though we might hate the feelings we are feeling, thereby, we hate the person, place, or thing, which has made us feel that way. Primarily, the feeling is fear and as human beings, we really hate to feel afraid. Fear triggers all of our survival response signals because it acts as a threat against our survival.

Broccoli doesn’t threaten our survival. Suzie taking our crayons certainly doesn’t threaten our survival either. As we grow older we are vulnerable to ideas from our peers and the media which tell us that there are people, places, and things to be afraid of as though they might indeed threaten our survival. Unless we are continuously steered in the direction away from hate, our fear based anger grows until we are seething with rage- until we are seething with hate.

Hate is a result of trauma and the things we do out of hate are traumatizing to ourselves and to the people, places, or things we act out upon. Today, in the current volatile political climate of the world, we are seeing an increase in “hate crimes”, which is resulting in an increase of trauma for those who are the target of other people’s hatred, which is really other people’s fear, which is really other people’s trauma. Consequently, the trauma of hate becomes a perpetual cycle of fear, building onto itself and regenerating with every attack, every racial slur, every religious offense, and every single moment we forget one of our most important lessons from our youth: Hate is a powerful word. Hate is dangerous. Hate leads to irreparable actions which cause ourselves and others harm.  

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