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Recovery from depression can lead to remission. Remission, and recovery, can lead to relapse. Relapse is most often associated with recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Mental health recovery is less understood than recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Relapse can happen after periods of feeling ‘better’ without the common symptoms of a mental health disorder. Even without remission, some days may see more improvement than others. On days when a mental health disorder like depression are difficult, they are especially difficult. Learning to live with difficult days is part of the process of recovery. Developing healthy coping mechanisms and rigorous programs of self-care is essential for maintaining recovery from depression- relapse, remission or the recovery in between.

Maintain your personal hygiene

Maintaining your personal hygiene can be especially difficult during a difficult day of depression, week of depression, or months of depression. Severe depression can lead to avoiding hygiene practices for long periods of time, which can have negative consequences. To make hygiene life easier during depression, try to:

Use dry shampooFind and use products that have a pleasant or relaxing smellTake hot bathsTake sponge bathsUse wipes for quick cleaningBrush your teeth or use mouthwashDeep condition your hair when it becomes too tangled

Ask for help

You may not want to ask other people to help or support you when your depression kicks in again because you feel an element of shame for things getting ‘bad’ again. Depression is a relapsing and remitting mental health disorder. Having difficult days is to be expected. There is no shame in asking for help if you are unable to care for yourself or maintain your responsibilities as normal.

Get comfortable

Difficult depression days can come with an immense amount of physical discomfort. Aches, pains, fatigue, and exhaustion are common. Self-care for difficult days of depression often includes self-care to take care of the body. Do what is necessary for being comfortable and tending to your physical self. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Relax your body in as many ways possible.

Depression is the most globally experienced mental health disorder. Often, depression is a manifestation of trauma and a symptom of trauma. If you are struggling to cope with depression as a result of trauma, there is a program catered specifically to you. The Guest House Ocala offers private residential treatment

programs for trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues. Call us today for information: