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Using Our Drugs of Choice to Think Less

Our Inner Conflict

Sometimes our addictions are fueled by the difficulties we’re having with our thoughts. Addicted people battle with recurring thought patterns and the bothersome ways in which we think. When we’re struggling with unresolved issues in our lives, our default thought patterns exacerbate them and contribute to our ongoing problems. For example, we might obsess about the things that are troubling us. Our issues grow larger and larger as we deliberate excessively about decisions we’re having a hard time making. In other situations, we might be filled with confusion and find ourselves easily overwhelmed. Our thoughts race, and we have a hard time concentrating. Desperation takes over as we strain to escape our inner conflict and our out-of-control thoughts. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before we turn to our drugs of choice to help us think less. Substances, we think, are the only way to distract ourselves from our thoughts, to numb ourselves, and to drown out our mental and emotional pain. 

Our Compounded Negative Energy

When our thoughts begin racing, we feel as though we can’t slow them down or make sense of them. Instead of resolving a single problem, we’re often accumulating more and more layers of unresolved issues. These issues disrupt our ability to think critically, to find solutions to our problems, and to make peace with our challenges. The negative energy stored in our minds and bodies becomes compounded and drowns out our rational inner voice. We’re feeling worse and worse. Rather than tackling our problems head-on, many of us look for a quick fix, a way to escape, a means of self-medicating. Our drugs of choice become that solution for us. We feel a sense of detachment when we get high. The relief, comfort, and pleasure we feel from our drug of choice seem far better than the inner turmoil we’re trying so hard to escape. We find that we think less when we’re high and become less troubled by our thoughts. Sometimes we’re able to forget our problems altogether, albeit temporarily.

 We Heal By Confronting Our Thoughts

As our dependence on our drug of choice grows, we’re facing our issues less and less. We’re not confronting the thoughts and feelings that are causing us pain. In our recovery, we discover that it is only by dealing with them directly that we’re able to heal ourselves. One of the many problems with our addictions is that in trying to think less, we’re actually worsening our challenges and postponing the healing process. 

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