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The winter months bring long periods of night and cold temperatures, and it can be very tempting to hunker down in a comfortable blanket with a warm drink. This cozy environment is a staple image of the season. However, staying active is still an important part of maintaining a healthy physical and mental state. Whether a person is simply looking after their own health, or are moving through the difficult stages of recovery from trauma or addiction through the winter months, staying active is just as important through this time of year as the spring and summer months. While getting outside and going for a jog may be more difficult due to the shortened periods of daylight and freezing temperatures, there are still ways to stay active until the days begin to warm up once again. 

Creating a Space at Home

Having a dedicated space to work out is very beneficial. While some people may find the best use out of their home gym equipment, it is just as possible to keep the body moving and exercising by simply dedicating an open space. Squats, pushups, crunches, or jogging in place can all take place in a small, dedicated environment. Having an indoor space can also allow a person to set up a television or radio to listen to during their routines, helping to keep a person physically and mentally engaged.

Creating a Routine

Creating and adhering to a routine can be difficult, and many people may benefit from a consistent workout structure. While it is possible to create one yourself, there are also free online tutorials and apps for one’s phone or tablet that can lead you through a dedicated routine, ensuring that you are balancing all of the different parts of your body. 

Use of Video Games

There are also a number of dedicated video games for various home consoles that can help a person maintain a healthy level of activity. Games such as Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch and Ubisoft’s Just Dance series (available on a number of platforms) encourage and guide a person through workout routines. There are even various video games that use motion-tracking technology to guide a player through programs like yoga or Zumba.

The winter months can make it difficult to keep an exercise routine going. However, it is important to keep the body and mind moving during this time. There is no need to feel pressured about meeting a strict weight loss goal over the winter. Rather, it is more important to simply get your body moving a few minutes a day in order to ensure a healthy balance in your life while your usual active outlets may be compromised due to the cold weather or early sunset. 

Staying active through winter is essential for maintaining a healthy balance for your physical and mental health. Keeping the body and mind moving can help each person better process their traumatic experiences and keep their energy moving in a healthy, positive direction. At The Guest House, we use a variety of different somatic approaches to keep each person wholly involved in their own recovery, while personalizing their program in a way that best matches their specific needs and goals. To learn more about how we can personalize your time with us, or to talk to a caring, trained professional about your unique circumstance, call us today at (855) 483-7800.