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What Is Your Inspiration for Recovery?

When going through your recovery journey, you will experience days that are not so fun. Despite knowing that your life is better in recovery, the trials and tribulations you may face can still wear you down. Getting through these times and continuing in recovery is incredibly important.

What Does Inspiration Do?

A strong source of inspiration for your journey can help you keep going despite the hardships you must battle. Even when you have a particularly difficult day, week, or even month, your source, or sources, of inspiration can remind you of why you must keep going. They remind you that, even throughout the times of life when you want to give it all up, there is good and beauty in the world.

These inspirations help remind you of your meaning in life. They deeply resonate with you and serve as a reflection of all the good in yourself and in the world around you. 

How Do I Find Inspiration?

Some days finding inspiration can be easier than others. Sometimes you may find that what used to inspire you no longer works, leaving you forced to rediscover inspiration. While this can seem like a daunting task, there are some questions you can ask yourself that can help guide you in the right direction.

What Fills Your Dreams?

Your dreams include both daydreams and nighttime dreams. Do you frequently catch yourself dreaming of scenarios in which you feel happy, fulfilled, and free? In those dreams, what are you doing? Some people may picture themselves on a big stage in a famous Broadway musical, while others see themselves sitting alone on a peaceful beach at sunset. These dreams can reveal your passion for live theater or travel and adventure.

What Do You Enjoy?

Think about activities you enjoy: anything that is sober-friendly. Some people enjoy spending time with their friends and family, while others might enjoy watching birds live in the trees in their neighborhood. No matter how subtle or average these enjoyments may seem, they can help you continue with your recovery if you foster them.

Who Are Your Role Models?

By considering your role models, you can take inspiration from them and their lives and incorporate it into your own life. If your role model is Jeff Goldblum, consider what qualities about him you find inspirational. Perhaps it is his creativity, his curiosity about life, or his ability to unabashedly be his authentic self. Digging deeper into these qualities can help you start adapting them to your own life, giving you the inspiration to continue in recovery. 

Inspiration is paramount for living a life of recovery. Without it, the hard days can weigh you down significantly. To find lasting inspiration, try asking yourself a series of questions. What do you catch yourself dreaming about? What do you enjoy? Who are your role models? By analyzing and processing these qualities about yourself, you can allow what you discover to grow and become your inspiration in life. At The Guest House, we are here to help you be guided by your inspiration. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.