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Why Do I Struggle With Authenticity?

Do you know what it’s like just to be yourself? Many individuals struggle with identifying who they truly are or may struggle with authenticity. Being an authentic person shows respect for yourself and can be a huge inspiration to others. However, many people struggle with being authentic.

What It Means to Struggle With Authenticity

The image of what our lives should be like that is shown in society depicts life in a specific way; however, that depiction of life may not be what you feel is best for you. Society promotes trends and ideas about how you should live and who you should be, but it can be very uncomfortable when you feel that you are living like someone else who isn’t you.

Being authentic means showing who you truly are and how you think without any regrets. However, those who can’t express themselves in a way that they believe is genuine are individuals who may struggle with authenticity. Often the struggle with authenticity can cause your life to feel out of balance and hamper your decisions and choices. You may find yourself peddling the aspect of yourself that you think society wants you to be, and in a sense, that means you might struggle with your authenticity.

If you’ve ever felt out of place or distressed because you are not living up to society’s standards or the standards of those around you, the need to be yourself can slowly get chipped away. If you struggle with authenticity, it is imperative that you eliminate those influences. You deserve to be the true you.

Avoiding Superficial Lifestyles

If you struggle with authenticity, you may not fully respect who you are and what you have to contribute to yourself and those around you; your purpose and the meaning for your life may seem to be lacking. To find fulfillment in your life, you need to find your way back to the true you.

Some individuals who struggle with authenticity find satisfaction in substance abuse or adding other unhealthy habits into their lifestyle. They may feel that they need to drink or use drugs to conform to a lifestyle they see portrayed in society. However, nothing could be further from the truth. True authenticity can be found by embracing self-awareness and mindfulness and avoiding superficial lifestyles.

If you feel that you are struggling with authenticity and that that struggle has led to substance use disorder, you can learn how to find inner peace and self-acceptance at The Guest House. We believe in identifying the true you and allowing you to have confidence in the person you are and what you have to contribute. The Guest House is here to help you and guide you in a healthy direction. If you want to reclaim your life and discover a new sense of authenticity, call us today at (855) 483-7800.