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What It Means to Be a Sober Mentor

Recovery can be a challenging process. The good news is that you do not have to go through it alone. There are many positive resources available in recovery. Probably one of the most beneficial resources is having a sober mentor. A sober mentor can provide you with unconditional support no matter where you are on your recovery journey. Sober mentors have a unique perspective, as most of them have been through recovery themselves and understand the process.

This blog will provide an overview of what sober mentors are, the qualities that make a good mentor, and the benefits of giving back.

Is a Sober Mentor the Same as a Sober Support?

Your sober support people will serve a different purpose from your sober mentor. For example, in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), you are encouraged to obtain a sponsor, which is also called a sober mentor. This person will guide you to be your best self during recovery and encourage you to seek professional help too. A sober mentor may walk you through your journey of self-acceptance or help you recognize shame-based behaviors.

Sober mentors are people in whom you can recognize the challenges you have faced and find encouragement in their success stories. What’s more, the only thing that they are focused on is your recovery.

Sober support people include those who support your sobriety and all that it encompasses. They may not have experience in recovery; however, they may support your endeavors because of a connection to you. Sober support people understand the value of addiction recovery and how you have committed to being a better version of yourself without addictive substances.

Where Do I Find a Sober Mentor?

One of the goals of sober mentorships is to help you transition into your daily life without substance use. At The Guest House, we believe that connection is the key to establishing long-term recovery goals. Therefore, if you are struggling to find a sober mentor, we can assist with this.

An alumni program may be just what you are searching for. Humans are wired to connect to others. We like to say that the opposite of addiction is connection. To find the right type of connection and encouragement, sometimes a sober mentor is exactly what you need. It is important to have accountability within recovery. Without accountability, you have no one to share small accomplishments with.

According to the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, people who have social connections are more likely to make healthy choices and have better mental and physical health. Recovery is hard, and it’s harder when you find yourself without sober mentorship.

What Qualities Do I Need to Be a Sober Mentor?

If you feel you might be ready to become a sober mentor, there are a few things to consider. A mentorship can become personal very quickly. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure you are ready for all that mentorship entails. Sober mentors should have certain qualities in order to get the most out of helping others. Those qualities include:

  • Sobriety
  • Active listening skills
  • Empathy
  • Good boundaries
  • An encouraging attitude
  • Self-awareness

What Are the Benefits?

Giving back and being a support person for someone who needs it offers many benefits. In recovery, it tends to be hard to trust others, especially because of feeling vulnerable. Providing support to someone who is in a vulnerable state can make a world of difference. There are many benefits to offering this support. These include but are not limited to:

  • Gaining leadership skills: You will develop leadership qualities with every interaction. This is because you are the person who is being looked up to for advice and meaningful support.
  • Learning from others: What you once had to deal with may be different from what another person is experiencing. Therefore, you can learn and gain a new perspective when helping someone else. You may discover a new way of looking at situations and learn better coping skills by helping someone else.
  • Communication skills: Throughout your mentoring interactions, you will enhance your communication skills. When mentoring people, you must strive to be clear and direct in your communications. The process will help you and your mentee both grow into better communicators.
  • Growing through helping others: There is something satisfying about giving something that cannot be given back. Volunteering your time to help another person grow in recovery is just that. This satisfaction is a benefit that money can’t buy.

Celebrate Your Recovery by Becoming a Sober Mentor

At The Guest House, we understand that everyone needs different things during their recovery journey. For some people, having a sober mentor during recovery does not sound that essential. However, having a sober mentor is like having a friend who supports you all of the time. During recovery, you may have noticed that your friend circle has shrunk. When you’re not using substances, sometimes relationships no longer work the same. However, having a sober mentor means that you have a personal cheerleader when you need them.

A sober mentor gives to you freely. Meanwhile, the mentor receives the priceless gift of satisfaction from helping you. Together a mentor and mentee can grow and become the best versions of themselves and support each other to remain substance-free.

The importance of having a sober mentor in recovery cannot be overstated. Sometimes you may feel lost and not know where to turn in recovery. You may even feel lonely. Finding sober support can be the key to living a life that you can be proud of. Recovery can be difficult. Finding connections with those who understand what you’re going through and who can guide you along can make it better. At The Guest House, we understand that the key to recovery is connection. That is why we are glad to assist you with finding sober mentors. If you or someone you know are struggling with addiction or needs some assistance, call us at (855) 483-7800.