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The benefits of healing touch through massage therapy are unparalleled. Massage is sometimes seen as a luxury treatment and not accessible for most people. People who make the courageous decision to attend a residential treatment program for trauma, addictions, or related mental health issues will likely encounter massage therapy as a regularly offered part of their treatment. Many people will be encountering massage therapy for the first time and will not know what to expect. Removing clothing and being physically touched by a stranger is foreign to anyone who has not been through massage therapy before. For those who are survivors of trauma, massage can be triggering at first. Trauma sensitive massage therapy takes into compassionate consideration the various unique triggers that can come with trauma. A massage therapist will ask what areas of the body are off limits, aside from those massage therapists are ethically restricted from touching. If there is trauma, in say, the left leg, a massage therapist can honor that trigger and leave the left leg alone. However, massage therapy can prove to truly be healing with healing touch. If a client is willing to let a massage therapist work on an area of trauma, the third party, compassionate touch of unconditional caring can be transformational. Whether working through physical trauma or physical stress, the benefits of massage therapy are considerable, for mind, body, and spirit.

First, expect to do a health evaluation with your massage therapist: Holistic healing methods like massage therapy work on energy channels and meridians through the body which connect emotions to organs, systems, and other major components of regular body function. It is important for a massage therapist to be informed of your health so they can work with your body in a safe and productive way.Second, expect to talk about what is going on in treatment: Eastern holistic practices like massage therapy believe that emotions are stored in the body. A massage therapist will learn where you store your stress and can target specific body areas to help you release emotions, calm emotions, or work through a particular struggle in your therapy.Third, expect to fall asleep mid sentence: If it is your first time experiencing massage, you might try to talk your way through your session to compensate for your feelings of awkwardness. Massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system which means you will likely relax to the point of falling asleep. At the end of your session, your massage therapist will gently wake you.

At The Guest House Ocala, you will be met with open arms, welcoming you where you are, how you are. Our private residential treatment programs are individually designed to help you heal from trauma, addictions, and related issues. Come transform your life from the past for a brighter future. Call us today for information on our concierge style accommodations: 1-855-483-7800