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For a lot of people, and not just alcoholics, drinking alcohol is an escape from feelings that we don’t want to experience. It’s common for people to go to the bar after a breakup, or have several drinks after a funeral. Alcohol is a depressant, and not only can it numb physical pain to an extent, it also numbs or suppresses emotional pain. Trauma survivors have a higher risk of alcohol abuse for this very reason.

When we are able to use an agent like alcohol to cope with reality, we begin to disconnect from ourselves. The more we use, the more shutoff we become. As our reliance on alcohol grows, we may begin acting out, even in times of drunkenness. Though alcohol numbs emotional pain, it never fully takes it away. The more we pour it on our problems, the more we need, and the worse they get.

Instead of numbing the pain, alcohol takes us to the point of pure mental agony. Spending days and nights wasted, not remembering what happened, or where you’ve been. Waking up with injuries, or finding out that you spewed all of your pain and anger out on people you care about. It’s an unbelievably tortured existence—but there is a solution.

If any of this sounds familiar, you don’t have to keep suffering. As alcoholics, we run from our problems and use alcohol to escape. We escape ourselves, responsibilities, commitments, relationships, painful memories…the list goes on, but the drinking doesn’t have to. Alcoholism is an ugly and sometimes slow death. Unless you have had enough of feeling like nothing, it will only get worse. You are worth recovery. No matter what you’ve been through, you can get better and you can heal.

Going to treatment offers you the opportunity to spend a great length of time working with various therapies, treatments, and healing modalities which serve two great purposes. First, you can relieve and heal much of the emotional pain you’ve been numbing with alcohol for years. Second, you learn critical skills in coping with emotional pain moving forward, never necessitating a drink or a drug again.

We don’t go through recovery alone, and neither will you. At the Guest House Ocala, we are here for you. Our purpose and goal is to show you how to live free from the bondage of alcohol, and how you can enjoy your life again. Addiction is no way to live. When you come here, we will begin to heal what is really hurting you. Sometimes, when we’re so wrapped up in our disease, we don’t have any idea what is really going on. Alcohol is only a symptom of the problem, but the problem is treatable.

Let us help you. We are available 24/7, toll-free at 1-855-483-7800.

You can recover. Call us today.