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Why Are We Self-Sabotaging?

As we learn more about our addictions and emotional challenges, we come to discover that a lot of our self-destruction occurs on a subconscious level. For whatever reason, we instinctively harm ourselves and cause ourselves pain. We subconsciously bring ourselves down, limit ourselves, and bring turmoil and discord into our lives. Our behaviors and patterns impede our progress and hold us back. Even when things are going well, we find ourselves doing something to ruin our chances of success. What are the reasons behind these patterns? Why are we self-sabotaging?

Examining Our Subconscious Programming

Because we often are not aware of our self-sabotaging behaviors, we have to look at what’s going on beneath the surface. We have to examine the subconscious information that is directing our thoughts and actions. Our subconscious minds store the majority of our emotional information. If we’re self-sabotaging but don’t understand why, it’s time to examine our subconscious to see what limiting beliefs we’ve adopted and stored there. What thoughts do you automatically have, by default? What are your recurring thought patterns? How are you speaking to yourself? How do you talk about yourself to other people? Chances are you speak to yourself in self-deprecating ways. This is nothing to be ashamed of; it’s extremely common for addicted people. Through a lifetime of addiction, we’ve learned to hate ourselves, but we need to change that program. To reprogram our subconscious minds, we can repeat and write down affirmations that are self-loving and self-empowering. We want to improve our sense of self and our feelings of self-worth. “I love myself. I believe in myself. I am at peace within myself.”

Directing Our Thoughts

Most of us don’t realize that we have the power to choose our thoughts consciously. We assume we have no control over what we think or how we think. When we’re self-sabotaging, it’s often because we haven’t realized the power we possess to direct our thoughts. We can choose our thoughts, and therefore have more control over how we feel. When we reprogram our subconscious minds to be positive and self-loving, for example, our conscious thoughts are more apt to be positive and self-loving as well. We will then feel more positive and self-loving in our everyday lives. Our behaviors reflect this positive, self-loving thought process, and we make better decisions for ourselves. We will be working in cooperation with ourselves, rather than fighting against ourselves. Peace will flow outward from the harmonious, uplifting thoughts that we’ve chosen to embrace. Finally, we can feel good about ourselves and our lives, making us far more likely to be able to recover successfully.

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