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Why Do I Feel Like A Raw Nerve Now That I Am Sober

Navigating through life sober can feel unbearable at times. When you took away the drugs and alcohol, you basically left yourself stripped of any way to cope, and afraid of what comes next. These mixed emotions can cause you to feel like a raw nerve without any protection against things that come your way. The trauma you have been through becomes too much for you to bear without any tools to help you alleviate your heightened senses from getting sober.

You cry, get angry, weep, laugh, get annoyed, feel happy, and repeat. This cycle takes a toll on you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. If those emotions are not enough, altering your way of thinking and making progress in your sobriety can also place burdens on you. Here are some things to consider in helping you through to combat feeling like a raw nerve in sobriety.

Feel Your Feelings

After years of suppressing how you really feel, you need to let those emotions go. By never experiencing your feelings sober, it is agonizing when they finally hit you. Keep your open feelings coming so you can work through them with your recovery tools. Eventually, experiencing your emotions will become the norm. Being honest with yourself and others about how you feel will be crucial in deciding that you have had enough and need to move onto the solution.

Stop Worrying About What Others Think

One of the most significant factors that make people feel so raw is that they believe everyone is disappointed in them. They may also fear that others could never understand what it is like to be addicted to drugs and alcohol. Although this may be true, it is unlikely that other people think of you as much as you believe. You have to get to the point of brushing other people’s opinions aside. What they think of you is none of your business.

Change Uncomfortable Conditions

Allowing yourself to continue with the same uncomfortable conditions you suffered throughout your addiction will only make you nervous in your recovery. As you change in recovery, your moral code will change as well. What you once thought was okay will weigh heavily on your emotions and make you feel like a terrible person instead of the sober person you are becoming. Change unacceptable conditions, and you will feel better throughout the transition.

Feeling like a raw nerve is pretty standard when getting sober. Even after you put some sobriety time together, you will still sometimes have that feeling. Remember that feelings are not facts, and you can change how you feel when you do something to change your perspective.

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