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Growth and change arm us with new tools for health

Growth requires a commitment to change, and can be change is hard to endure. Growth can feel terrifying and overwhelming. Yet, growth in recovery is important for identifying which things in your life need to change in order for you to heal.

Look Inside Yourself

Accomplishing growth takes looking inside yourself and contemplating which habits and lifestyle choices have hurt or helped you. This can be a painful process and cause feelings including:

  • Anger
  • Hurt
  • Grief
  • Intense fear
  • Resistance

While these feelings are painful, it is important to stay the course and allow the feelings to flow through you to get to the source of what is driving the emotion.

What Steps Do You Need to Take to Grow?

  • Identify your beliefs and behaviors
  • Look inside and evaluate thought patterns that hurt and hold you back
  • What mistakes have you made that turned into harmful behaviors
  • What do you need to remove from your life to improve your situation
  • Learn self-care and acceptance
  • Set and work towards specific goals
  • Learn resiliency

How Do You Find the Strength to Grow?

  • Identify activities to grow and feel at peace
  • Show yourself gratitude when you encounter setbacks
  • Identify the ways that you self-sabotage and undermine yourself
  • Establish boundaries and enforce them
  • Give yourself credit for even small successes
  • Accept that sometimes you will make a mistake, but that does not make you a failure
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude

How to Embrace Change?

Resisting change might seem easier than accepting the change; however, accepting change will help you grow and reach a place where you feel confident and empowered. If you use your experiences and allow your feelings to flow through you, you can determine how to make healthy and positive changes. Soon you will be able to reach a place where you can begin to grow into the person you set out to become when you set off on the path to recovery during treatment.

At The Guest House, we understand that growth may seem impossible when you fear change. However, it is essential for maintaining recovery. Our integrated approach to care will ensure that you are in an environment conducive to healing. With us, you will establish the resources and leave our treatment feeling restored and motivated to begin the recovery journey. Of course, we remain a pillar of support should you need help along the way. To learn more, reach out to us today and call (855) 483-7800.