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Why Is Florida an Ideal Place for Treatment?

Beginning treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) is a challenging time, and the path to healing requires constant sources of inspiration to guide us on our path. Without the inspiration to continue onward, we risk losing the motivation to improve our lives and, as a result, can backslide into the unhealthy habits that were destroying us in the first place.

Because years of substance abuse can rob us of the ability to feel inspired without drugs or alcohol, we often need outside sources to inspire us in the early stages of our recovery. This is exactly why Florida is an ideal place to begin treatment and our quest for recovery.

“Florida” is derived from a Spanish word meaning “full of flowers.” Because of Florida’s geographic location, lush vegetation and flowering plants grow all year long. In most cases, we only have to casually glance in any direction to catch sight of a breathtaking flower in full bloom and be reminded of our potential for growth with every coming season. Nature’s beauty can provide insight into our inner beauty and the seasons of growth that we must endure to reach our fullest potential. 

Serene, Natural Beauty

The path to recovery, especially in its earliest stages, can feel tumultuous and, at times, overwhelming. It is easy to lose our sense of focus as we struggle to balance the day-to-day of a new life filled with new habits and discoveries. Something as simple as a body of water, or a rambling river, can ease our worries and provide us with our center in what feels like an ever-changing, chaotic world. Developing skills that strengthen our mental health is an essential practice when approaching recovery. Something as simple as gazing at a peaceful body of water that has existed for ages can be therapeutic for our anxious, worried minds. 

Aside from the three bodies of water surrounding Florida (the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Straits of Florida), more than 7,500 freshwater lakes and ponds are spread throughout the state, with an additional 12,000 miles of rivers, streams, and canals. That means that there is no shortage of water to immerse ourselves in both mentally and physically while teaching our minds to ponder the depths of the world and ourselves. 

Healing Environment

Florida consistently ranks as one of the top places to retire in the United States. Millions of people seeking a temperate climate that can soothe their aching bodies and ease their tired minds are onto something. Recovery requires rest and recuperation from the unkind environments the world has to offer. Recovery can happen anywhere, but healing is at its best when it takes place where the body can focus all its energies on tending to its wounds rather than fighting the elements. 

At The Guest House, our facility offers instant access to Florida’s natural beauty. We are located in Silver Springs, Florida, home to one of the largest crystal-clear artesian springs in the world. Our facility is on a 52-acre estate where you can begin your search for health by separating yourself from the stress of the outside world while you heal and take in all the beauty the Florida landscape offers. If you or someone you love is searching for help with mental health or substance-related issues, call us at (855) 483-7800.