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self-controlSelf-control can be hard. Every single person has their self-control tested. It could be buying those donuts in the store, that really expensive purse, or your drug of choice. If you have made the choice to seek help for your mental health issues or addiction, you will ultimately be working towards understanding your self-control, your triggers, and how your unique mindset works. 

We are all different and face our own self-control situations. Working with a mental health professional will help you to better understand your thought processes and underlying conditions. As you begin your journey of recovery, here are a few ideas to keep in mind regarding your self-control. 

Resist Temptation

There is temptation everywhere, for everyone. We are all tempted by something. Learning what you are tempted by will be vital in living a healthy and sober lifestyle. There is probably a lot going on underneath those temptations you are facing. If you don’t work towards understanding your underlying emotions and trauma, it will be difficult to face your temptations. 

Drive Towards Goals

Goals, goals, goals. You have read it a million times. Having goals can help you stay focused on the path and journey that you decided you wanted to take. 

Helps Reduce Stress

Self-control can help your stress level go down significantly. When you learn to trust yourself, you can begin to explore the world you have always wanted. Temptation will always be there, but you will reach a point in life where you are confident in your ability to resist that temptation. 

Maintaining Overall Well-Being

Addiction can consume your life. It will begin to make you forget who you are, what you enjoy doing, and especially what you are capable of. As we conquer our self-control challenges, we begin to learn how to maintain our mental health and overall well-being. Learn what you want in life, and never stop reaching for it. 


Self-control is a large component of recovery. Addiction is a hard battle that is often accompanied by various mental health challenges and trauma. Taking that first step of asking for help is huge. Often it can be hard to understand our own mental health, see our lives clearly without bias, and then know how to face our challenges. Here at The Guest House, we understand the stress you feel and the worry and fear that comes along with taking the big step of admitting you need help. We are here to help you through every step of your recovery journey. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more. We are ready to support you.