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setting goalsHaving and achieving goals is a vital aspect of recovery. Sometimes when we are faced with mental health challenges, addiction, and trauma, our feelings become so powerful that we do not know where to turn or how to start working towards anything. Working with a mental health professional in some compacity will help you set goals and move toward them. When we have goals, we have a focal point in front of us, something to keep us moving forward. Here are a few suggestions to get you started with manifesting a goal. 


Determine What You’re Working Towards

Determining what you are working towards sounds like a pretty simple thing to do, but it is important to be very specific with our goals. The more precise you can be regarding what you want to achieve, the easier it will be to determine how to get there. When we are specific, we can easily hold ourselves accountable if we begin to stray from the path to get there. 


Break Your Goal into Smaller Steps

If you have a large goal in front of you, it may feel a little overwhelming–you are not simply going to jump and achieve something huge. Create smaller steps and checkpoints within your larger goal. Not only will this help you to keep moving forward, but you will feel achievement along the way as well.


Shift Your Mindset and Believe

Your mindset is a key component in maintaining your mental health and overall well-being. If you truly believe that you can accomplish something, you are already halfway there. Having this faith can be hard, especially if you are experiencing mental health challenges, trauma, or addiction. Learning to believe in yourself is powerful, and doing so will help you in so many areas of life. If you feel your mindset turning negative, reach out to those closest to you and talk about what you are feeling. There is a good chance that doing so may help you flip your mindset back around and continue to move forward more positively. 


Creating goals is an important part of recovery. Having goals to work towards can help you get through those tough days and keep moving forward. Sometimes when we are struggling, it can be hard to create goals. You may find it hard to believe in yourself and think you can accomplish something not connected to your struggles or addiction. Here at The Guest House, we understand that reaching out for help is a huge step. We are ready to help you begin your recovery journey and create unique goals for your life. Call us today to learn more about our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.