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Friends are an essential part of life. Friends are good for laughs, encouragement, honesty, and companionship. If you are wondering who you can hang out with now that you are sober, you are thinking about the right things. You need to be around people who have your best interest at heart and who will support you in your recovery. 


Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction means that you have to make many changes, and one of those categories is looking at the friends you are associating with. You need to make sure that they are receptive to your new lifestyle, and will support you in all the ways that you need. Making sure that drugs and alcohol were not the only things you had in common is a must. Friends may come and go, but sobriety has to stay no matter what.


Friends will respect you

Peer pressure can be a real problem in friendship. If your friends always hang out in bars or insist on doing drugs around you, they are not respecting your sobriety. A true friend will want you to succeed in your recovery because they know what you were like before, in your addiction. They will show their support by being considerate of your sobriety. 


Friends will encourage you

Every relationship will have times where you just have to agree to disagree. When it comes to your sobriety, however, there should not be any wiggle room in how they support you. Either they are all for your sobriety, or they are not there for you at all. You need a good support network starting on day one to help you stay on track in your recovery. Encouragement is necessary and will equip you to keep going strong.


Friends will stay sober with you

The greatest kinds of friends are the ones who are staying sober with you. Having them by your side can aid you to remain diligent in your sobriety because they understand what you have been through. Sober friends are a healthy choice and will have your back through the ups and downs of recovery. 


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