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relapse planWith no cure readily available to combat addiction, people who abuse drugs and alcohol need to have a plan in place to avoid relapse. The thoughts of drinking and using can occur at any time. Having a relapse plan ready to go can give an individual a better chance of staying sober long term. If you desire to stay sober for the long haul, you may find yourself struggling without a solid relapse prevention plan in place. 


Identify your bedevilments

Anything that causes inner turmoil, worry, or doubt should be recognized as your reasons to drink or use. A relapse often begins with emotions, feelings, or thoughts. When these things become unbearable, we often turn to substances to numb ourselves. Once you identify what sets off your cravings and triggers, you can stop them in their tracks before they even begin. 


Identify your tools 

After you get the mental prompt that you want to drink or use, you can offset it with some pre-planned actions. Being prepared while trying to endure the obsession of the mind and the allergy of the body is extremely important. Put together a call list. Schedule meetings and attend them regularly. Practice mediation practices until they become second nature during rough going. Learn how to distract yourself with a healthy outlet, such as exercising, gardening, or golfing. Knowing your next indicated step can be your saving grace when your head gets too loud, and your body is on autopilot. A relapse prevention plan will beat you into a state of reasonableness when you may not be able to do it otherwise in a weak moment. 


Pursuing help for addiction can provide a relapse prevention plan as part of the program. When attending a rehab, having a relapse prevention plan in place is part of the discharge process. 12-Step programs are meant to guide you in understanding your addiction and identifying relapse triggers. Therapy can also provide a safe place to discover the tools you need to avoid a lapse in judgment. Everyone is different when it comes to relapse, so adapting your own prevention plan is vital. If you do have a plan of action to prevent relapse, taking time to get one together could save your life. 


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