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man-woman-holding-sign-idea-brain-activityKeeping your brain healthy is important for managing your mental health. For many of us, the pandemic has kept us much more isolated than we have ever been before. We find ourselves staying home much more than we ever have before. For some people, this isolation can be very mentally challenging and tough. Trying out new and fun activities to work your brain is a great thing to explore if you find yourself in a slump.

#1: Practice Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese slow-motion exercise for self-defense and meditation. This activity has been shown to help with multitasking, time management, and decision-making. Just like any activity, learning Tai Chi will take some time. Find some pre-recorded classes and dive into this mind-calming and focusing form of exercise.

#2: Make Music

Research suggests that playing musical instruments has a positive effect on cognitive functioning. If you find yourself stuck at home more often, think about learning a new instrument. This may be outside of your comfort zone, and that is great! There are numerous resources online to help you get started.

If playing an instrument isn’t for you, then maybe singing is. Consider joining a club or a group. Many groups are finding ways to practice and perform online. Singing has a great way of bringing people together and forming connections and relationships.

#3: Take Sauna Baths

Interestingly enough, some experts argue that sauna bathing reduces inflammation, achieves better sleep, reduces stress, and increases relaxation. For some people, this would be a great way to relax and find their inner calm and peace.

Trying out new activities is a great thing to do. You will probably be surprised by what works for you. Everyone is unique and will require different techniques to reach relaxation. Taking the time to understand your mental health needs will help you when deciding if an activity is right for you.

The pandemic has been hard on everyone. The increased isolation can feel very overwhelming and scary for those suffering from mental health struggles, addiction, or unresolved trauma. Trying to find activities that also help to stimulate your mind is increasingly important. It may take time; however, you may be surprised at what activities you enjoy or find relaxing. Here at The Guest House, we understand that feelings of isolation can be debilitating and frightening. It can be hard to know where to start to work through those emotions. We are ready to help. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options at (855) 483-7800.