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Feelings of worthlessness can be dangerous. When feelings of worthlessness arise, there also tends to be an increase in isolation, depression, anxiety, and much more. Learning what is at the root of those feelings is crucial to being able to work through them. Here are four steps to take if you feel as if you are worthless.  


#1. Notice When These Feelings Appear


Try to pay attention to when these feelings arise. What were you doing? Were you around anyone? Was anyone talking? When you can analyze situations, you can then look below the surface. Often, you may not struggle with what is on the surface, but something underneath; much of mental health issues are connected and often complex to work through. 


#2. Keep a Journal


Finding patterns in behaviors and thoughts can be helpful when working through them. If certain people or situations negatively trigger you, it is crucial to understand and acknowledge that. The more information you can tell a mental health professional, the better they can help you cope with the issues that are bothering you. Keeping a journal can help you to see the patterns in your thoughts and behaviors.


#3. Speak Kindly to Yourself


Speak to yourself in the way you would speak to your best friend. You would never put down your best friend. You would never harshly criticize them, especially if you knew they were trying. Why treat yourself any differently? How you talk to yourself can significantly impact your mental health. Give yourself a break and acknowledge all of your hard work and the goals you have accomplished. 


#4. Reach Out for Support


Struggling with mental health issues can be very difficult. It can feel overwhelming and impossible to work through these issues at times. Whether you reach out to a mental health professional or a loved one, talking about what you feel is very important. There are many people ready and willing to help. 


Feeling worthless is dangerous. It can lead to isolation, stifled growth, and missed opportunities. Mental health issues are often complex and can be challenging to understand and work through. If you find yourself unable to see your worth, try to keep a journal, notice when you are feeling this way, and speak kindly to yourself. Here at The Guest House, we know how challenging it can be to change how you respond and think. We are here to help you learn the skills and tools necessary to face the challenges ahead of you. Call The Guest House today at (855) 483-7800.