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5 Tips for Travel in Recovery

There are many things that you have to consider when in recovery, and learning how to travel in recovery is no exception. It may be the time when you feel the itch to plan a trip, and you find yourself apprehensive about doing so. Traveling in recovery takes a bit of preparation and strategy.

This article will discuss five helpful tips for traveling in recovery, staying on track, and how The Guest House offers positive support for your recovery needs.

Travel in Recovery: Overcoming Challenges

Staying in the same place for too long can be detrimental to your mental health. It can cause depression and make you feel restless or like you are living the same day over and over again. Planning a trip is a wonderful way to end that cycle of monotony and recharge yourself.

Going to new places can seem difficult when you are in recovery. Staying in the same place is easy because you already know what to expect. While it may appear to be challenging at first, don’t fret, as there are many places to travel in recovery. With a bit of preparation beforehand, you are sure to have a fun and refreshing experience.

#1. Change Your Mindset to Travel in Recovery

Start by changing how you think about traveling. When in an active state of mind, you may have been scouring the bars and going out several times in your traveling experiences. Now that you are in recovery think about the extravaganzas that you would like to participate in when visiting a new city. You may find yourself thinking about engaging in a 12-Step meeting in a new city. This idea can be an experience that adds to the excitement of planning to travel in recovery.

The ultimate goal is to enjoy yourself and have fun wherever you may be. You do not even have to leave the country to find new experiences. It is important to focus on how your mindset will change during your travel in recovery.

#2. Plan to Travel in Recovery

As with any time, planning a trip takes time and dedication. Planning ahead of time can not only give you peace of mind but decrease anxiety. Most times, people experience anxiety due to the fear of the unknown. To eliminate that fear of traveling in recovery, planning can be a game changer.

#3. Know Your Triggers

You have heard this time and time again in treatment. Perhaps it is almost annoying; however, it can be a lifesaver when needed. Understanding how your triggers affect you and your recovery is the difference between sobriety and using illicit substances. If your trigger is people sitting at a bar, then do some research beforehand to find restaurants that do not have a bar atmosphere.

Another suggestion is to take your trigger list with you to remind yourself of what your triggers are. At times, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning to travel in recovery. Before you know it, you tend to forget that recovery is number one. Don’t let this be you; know your triggers!

#4. Travel Safe in Recovery

One thing to consider is where exactly you are going. This might seem obvious; however, it can be difficult to plan if you are just beginning in recovery. A city like Las Vegas might be appealing; however, due to the wide variety of gambling, this could be a trigger for you.

Try to focus on the places that bring you joy or fit your daily interests. For example, if you like nature walks and/or hiking, focus on traveling to Florida or Tennessee. Perhaps you are interested in history, arts, sports, or amusement parks. Find what speaks to your heart and go from there.

Additionally, if you are traveling with another person, make sure their goals line up with your goals. You do not want to be on two different thought processes as that will make a long and unenjoyable trip.

#5. Find Sober Supports to Travel in Recovery

You are planning to travel in recovery to have a good time and decompress from the everyday stressors of life. There are times that you may feel limited by your sobriety. When sober supports are present, you will find that you can have just as much fun.

You also have the option of staying connected to your sponsor or a trusted source while you are away. Sober supports are just a 12-Step meeting or a phone call away.

The Guest House and Feeling Limited

Sometimes, you may feel limited in recovery and struggle to live your best life. At The Guest House, we understand how difficult it is to transition from living a fast life to a calm and sober lifestyle. It is important to change how you view traveling in recovery, make a plan, know your triggers, be safe, and find sober supports. If you need professional assistance in any of these things, please reach out to us today!

Planning to travel in recovery can cause fear to surface. Recognizing that this is normal and that you have all the resources to move through this space of your life is half the challenge. Several things may pose a challenge for you; however, with sober support, a potential 12-Step meeting, and planning ahead, you will be on your way to success. Your life does not have to stop just because recovery started. At the Guest House, we understand how recovery can be challenging and are here to support you in all stages of recovery. Give us a call at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about how we can support you in recovery.