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addicted to tanningMany of us go tanning to get that warm, sun-kissed glow. For those of us living in places with long and cold winters, we may find ourselves going to a tanning salon. We sit in that nice and warm tanning bed, relaxing and letting all of our worries go. For those lucky individuals living in tropical states, you may find yourself lying outside on your deck or at the beach staring out into the ocean. But can we become addicted to the activity of tanning?

Striving for Perfection

Many of us choose to go tanning because we like how we look when we have a little “golden glow” to our skin. If you have ever seen photographs of teenage girls lined up to go to prom, you will probably instantly notice their bronzed and glowing skin. Social media has glamorized the idea of looking perfect. The assumption is that if we look perfect, our lives will be perfect. Many people choose to tan to help create that ideal image.


Some of us choose to tan because we find it relaxing. After that long day of work or school, we may find it pleasant to simply lie under the warmth of the sun. Relaxation is essential. We all need to learn to relax in whatever way works for us. However, tanning may not be the safest form of relaxation. Skin cancer is very real and is something that many young people do not think about year after year of heavy tanning. Try to take the time to learn other forms of relaxation. Consider yoga, meditation, or running to help you relax. You may be surprised to learn what other activities help you the most. Life is all about growing and learning.

Tanning is an activity that many people find enjoyable, even to the point of becoming addicted. Typically there are a lot of other motives and emotions behind the act of tanning to consider. Try asking yourself why you are really choosing to tan. Are you tanning because you like how it makes you look? Do you find it helps you to relax? There are so many reasons why people choose to tan. Ultimately, tanning is probably not the healthiest of choices for your skin or your health. Work on trying to understand the underlying thoughts and feelings. Here at The Guest House, we know that our motives and actions are rarely surface deep. We are ready to help you better understand your actions and your feelings. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options and how we can help you at (855) 483-7800.