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Addiction may be a coping mechanism that people have used to deal with trauma. People suffering from trauma may have turned to drugs or alcohol to blunt their pain or numb their feelings. They may not even know that they were using these substances to self-medicate from past traumas. People suffering from addictions may have a difficult time understanding the underlying issues that are at the root of their addictions. They may have numbed themselves with substances for so long that they do not remember the pain they were experiencing when they first turned to substances to cope. Addiction became a coping mechanism for the person, which then created more problems than it solved.

When seeking treatment for addiction, understanding the root causes of addiction is vitally important to those suffering. They may need to undergo therapy and group sessions to open up about past experiences, which may have led to their addictions. They may need to heal from their trauma in order to fully let go of their addictive behaviors or they could find another way to mask the pain without truly healing. Recovering from trauma is not easy, especially when compounded with the complications arising from addiction. A person not only needs to experience painful memories and deal with their emotions during therapy, they also need to make amends and deal with any consequences of addictive behaviors that were meant to numb their pain. Hope is possible for those suffering from addiction. Learning healthy ways to heal from trauma can help a person grow and recover. They may need to learn better ways of coping that lead to growth and positive change to replace their unhealthy addictions.


The Guest House is here to treat those dealing with addictions caused by past traumas. Some sufferers may not have insight into the root causes of their addictions. They may have buried past experiences and negative emotions deep inside. They may have spent years hiding from their emotional turmoil, distracting themselves with drugs or alcohol or other addictive behaviors, and can benefit from the work of therapeutic interventions. By uncovering the root causes of addictions, those suffering can begin to truly heal from their pain. The Guest House offers a comprehensive program to help those suffering from addictions due to past traumatic experiences. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to get started on your trauma work and to begin recovery. It’s never too late to learn how to live a healthy and fulfilling life free from addiction!