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Alcohol Abuse Does Not Make You More Charming

As a result of problematic mainstream media, there are popular misconceptions regarding alcohol use and its effects. Despite the glorification of alcohol use in movies, TV shows, music lyrics, and literature, alcohol use does not make you more charming. Likewise, alcohol use does not make you more interesting or more fun to be around. Unfortunately, these misconceptions may delay our participation in treatment because we do not recognize the severity of our own alcohol abuse.

Why Do We Believe That Alcohol Makes Us More Interesting?

Alcohol has a reputation for informing feelings of relaxation and social ease. When a person uses alcohol, they may feel less inhibited or anxious when they take that first drink. The effect of reducing inhibitions and stress caused by social anxiety is what is known as the tension reduction hypothesis. This belief system is what makes alcohol such a popular drink of choice for social gatherings.

Humans are social creatures. This dynamic is what allows us to work together to thrive and celebrate our accomplishments. However, that doesn’t mean socializing is always easy. For many, alcohol seems to make it easier. After all, a few drinks can make our apprehensions disappear, and we can finally relax in a group of people. However, it is important to understand that relaxing and reducing inhibitions doesn’t mean we’re actually better people.

What Alcohol Abuse Really Does to Us

People who turn to alcohol abuse as a social lubricant aren’t that rare. In fact, the comorbidity of social anxiety and alcohol is quite high. Research tells us that the majority of people who abuse alcohol experience social anxiety first. This means that most people who abuse alcohol have the same train of thought. If a little alcohol makes us feel better socially, then a lot of alcohol might make us feel even better. Unfortunately, this train of thought isn’t healthy.

While alcohol may temporally relax us enough to engage socially, it eventually causes us to relax a little too much. Under the extreme influence of alcohol, we may talk louder, lack a verbal filter, and engage in risky behavior. This sort of behavior can get obnoxious over time.

Let’s face it, not many people tell many stories about how many good things happened because of alcohol abuse. When we’re around someone who is constantly drunk, we tend not to find them charming. If amazing things were accomplished and we all became better people when we were drunk, then alcohol abuse wouldn’t be an issue.

The more we drink, the less tolerable we are. Our desire to keep alcohol front and center in our lives may tell us otherwise, but substance abuse can be manipulative. Thankfully, treatment can help correct the course of our behavior. Eventually, with the help of professionals, we can come to believe that we are charming without alcohol. We just have to take the time to figure that out.

Alcohol abuse isn’t a laughing matter. Eventually, after alcohol has taken full control of our lives, we may find out that people weren’t laughing with us as much as we thought. The list of alcohol’s negative side effects gets longer the more it’s abused. If you have a problem with alcohol abuse, you’re putting yourself at risk physically, mentally, and socially. You deserve to be the best version of yourself that you can be. That person doesn’t exist at the bottom of a bottle. The Guest House can help you find that person. Call (855) 483-7800 for more information.