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Am I Addicted to Marijuana?

Marijuana use is increasingly becoming legalized throughout the United States. Unfortunately, even if it’s legal, it can still be a problem. If you think you may be addicted to marijuana, there are signs and symptoms you can look out for.

Marijuana Legalization

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), “Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal substance in the U.S. and its use is growing.” In fact, marijuana use is the highest among any other illegal substances in the United States.

As more states move to legalize it, people of all adult age groups and backgrounds are using it more frequently. This legalization can also add to the dangerous perception that marijuana is not harmful.

Risks of Marijuana Use

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says that marijuana use has both short and long-term effects. Short-term effects can include altered senses, changes in mood, hallucinations, impaired body movement, and even delusions or psychosis.

Long-term effects can be even more damaging. According to the NIDA, prolonged use can hinder brain development. There are also many physical risks, including breathing problems, intense nausea, and problems with child development during and after pregnancy.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

According to the NIDA, marijuana use can “lead to the development of problem use,” which is known as marijuana use disorder (MUD). The NIDA also points to recent data that suggests 30% of people who use marijuana “may have some degree of MUD.”

Those who have MUD will experience withdrawal symptoms when not taking the drug. These symptoms can include irritability, decreased appetite, difficulty sleeping, and cravings. The NIDA says that symptoms of physical discomfort will “peak within the first week after quitting and last up to two weeks.”

Finding Treatment

If marijuana use is getting in the way of your regular responsibilities or negatively affecting your health, it may be time to find treatment. People often mask negative events, stress, or trauma with drugs and alcohol to help them cope. Here at The Guest House, we aim to help you get to the root of your addiction. Our programs will help you fully heal your mind, body, and soul.

We offer many different treatment modalities, such as music, art, and adventure therapy, that can help you tap into your creative side and re-discover joy in life without marijuana. We also offer traditional therapies, like individual and group counseling, that can help you process your thoughts and feelings in a safe space.

Marijuana is the most widely-used illicit substance in the United States. Legalization has led many to believe that marijuana cannot lead to addiction, but that is far from the truth. At The Guest House, we aim to help you heal addiction and drug dependencies by getting to the root cause of your condition. Our wide variety of programs and therapies can help you re-discover the simple pleasures in life without the need for substances. For more information, give us a call today at (855) 483-7800.