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Yoga, in sanskrit, means union. Some yoga practitioners would argue that the kind of yoga we do in studios and classes isn’t even what “yoga” is defined as. Yoga is anytime we find union with ourselves and union with our breath. The practice most people define as yoga is a series of stretches and poses that are matched with a specific pattern of breathing. For that specific practice, there are relatively few requirements. Yoga can be practiced by just about anyone who doesn’t have a serious injury or condition. Even so, many people with serious injuries and conditions can still practice yoga safely.

Yoga can be practiced in many different ways with props that can help support the yoga practice. Blocks, chairs, and straps help people safely execute the poses the right way so that there is no risk of injury.

For those who are starting a yoga practice, it is best to ease into the poses and take your time. One thing yoga is not supposed to be is painful. When we push ourselves to the point of extreme pain, we are no longer in ‘union’ with our body. Yoga is about finding respect for the body through healing movement and breath. Trust that your body will grow into the poses with time. Use props, ease into the movements, and take advantage of any modifications a teacher offers you. You will be amazed at how your body responds to yoga, leaving you feeling lighter, stronger, rejuvenated, and refreshed.

Benefits Of Practicing Yoga:

Mental clarityRelaxationReduced anxietyReduced depressionAlleviated insomniaElimination of cravingsReduced inflammationReduced stressMuscle strengtheningImproved balanceImproved core strengthRegulated digestionImproved postureImproved circulationBalanced hormonesIncreased spiritualityIncreased confidenceIncreased self-esteemIncreased feelings of peacefulness

Regular yoga practice has been proven to greatly improve mental health symptoms and heal trauma. Various studies have found that multiple weeks of yoga multiple times a week has a tremendous effect on greatly improving people’s lives. No matter your level of yoga experience, you are capable of engaging in the practice and changing your life.

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