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You’ve just met someone new and they make you feel like the most important person in the world. It seems as though they have picked up on your every need, want, and desire. Effortlessly, they fulfill these needs above and beyond what you could possibly expect. You feel like you have arrived. If there was a prince or princess charming, you have found that person. The stuff of fairy tales and fantasy has made itself manifest in your life. They are too good to be true, but they certainly seem true. Sometimes our quietest gut instincts are the ones speaking the loudest. Too often, we find that the tables abruptly turn. All of the love flow we were receiving, the unrelenting inundation of unconditional love, suddenly shuts off. In its wake, we start receiving neglect. What was the stuff of a dream becomes the stuff of nightmares. We find ourselves in an abusive relationship with someone who has become controlling and manipulative. What happened? We ask ourselves. Time may go by before we are able to realize that all of the love was a control and manipulation tactic of its own. We were the victim of ‘love-bombing’ a dangerous new trend in relationships that stems from the tactics used in cults.

Signs you are being love-bombed

You are so overwhelmed with love and romance you actually feel dizzy. You would describe the way you feel as overwhelmed, head over heals, and like you can’t see straight. It feels as though you are being pulled from every direction, constantly being turned around and surprised. You might even describe it as being high.You are experiencing extreme highs followed by deep lows. You can’t stand being with your love interest and you find yourself craving them when you are not together. You could say you are “addicted” to them. They are more than willing to make themselves as available to you as possible.You feel the most confident and loved you have ever felt in your life and believe that your love interest is all you need in life.You have the most romantic relationship of anyone you know.

Healing from an emotionally manipulative relationship takes time. A breakup from a love-bombing relationship can be traumatizing and completely shake your sense of reality. Coming back down to earth takes compassionate care and time.

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